11 thoughts on “How to Purchase a Reseller Hosting Server | How to Start a Web Hosting Company

  1. Hi Bryce, thanks for the video. Am in Ghana, West Africa. Can you recommend any hosting company for me. Thanks

  2. Hey thanks for your vids they're great. 2 questions. I'm seeing a huge difference in price from a2. Double what I see on your vid. Second I currently have a shared hosting server where I host several friends websites. I've even got one thats a small start up business site. Why can't one just do this? These are simple sites . I just ask people to pay their share of the cost so not for profit. Thanks

  3. Hi Bryce thanks for all the information, I have a question I'm from Chile so what resellerhost do you recommend for hosting web for al south america? Thanks you.

  4. Hi Bryce, so for the A2 hosting it’s giving me a one time 51% off. Does that mean I will have to pay double next time I pay for it? I wanted to just get one month to start to try it out, but I’m concerned that if I go back to renew its going to be considerably more expensive the next time

  5. Hey Bryce, I bought my domain from namecheap, and it won't let me change name servers. It says "something went wrong" and doesn't specify. Any tips?

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