18 thoughts on “How To Put Your Website Online – Using FTP & Web Host

  1. What type of video should I work on next?
    -Advanced Bootstrap Theme
    -Wordpress Introduction with Theme
    -HTML5 Theme

  2. ok this is dumb bc I'm a newb… once you're done uploading all the files on Filezilla will they show up on bluehost? Or do I need to access them from Filezilla from now on? Can I delete Filezilla now that it's done uploading?

    Thanks for the great vid btw!! 🙂

  3. this seems like a dumb question but if your using ftp to upload a website, aren't you leaving yourself open to interception of the files/ftp credentials? which would then leave you open to a web server attack if that information happened to get intercepted? Or is there something I'm missing.

  4. I am saying to Bangladesh, every video you like very much, so i am very happy to see your video so thank you very much. I pray that I can be a developer like you.

  5. Hey, thank you so much for the vid. Does blue host bill every month for the hosting price or do I just pay immediately $142 for 36 months.

  6. please give how to do Undersides to index.html. Shows there was not to such manner file site.html in the end adres site.

  7. good one! thanks for shearing ! very useful for beginner! plz uploading series tutorial like bootstrap responsive landing page{ own portfolio base}{ i've been already check ur all videos!{ cause i'm ur old subscriber} & i learn a lot! so thanks again! u r just a rock-star dude!

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