How to Run a Web Server from a Docker Container? Yes, I Know IT ! Ep 16

How to Run a Web Server from a Docker Container? Yes, I Know IT ! Ep 16

Containers are a great way to start services with a minimum overhead and little to no configuration issues. This has tremendous advantages in production. But for development and educative purposes, this is also a great tool.

The only drawback when you’ve never used them before, is you have to become familiar with the basic vocabulary and tools used to manage the lifecycle of your containers.

This is what I address in my latest video. There you will see how to create, start and stop a web server in a Docker container. Even if I focus there on setting up an HTTP server, all the Docker commands, and workflow I show and explain could be used with any kind of server–as long as there is a docker image readily available on the Docker Hub or elsewhere on the web.

Don’t hesitate to share/like/comment the video. I would be especially curious to know what you’ve used docker for after having viewed that!


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18 thoughts on “How to Run a Web Server from a Docker Container? Yes, I Know IT ! Ep 16

  1. A shame how underrated this channel is. Your videos are straightforward, well edited, entertaining without the typical "Hey guys blablabla" or "playing smart" with complicated technical terminology that other IT-content creators usually do in their videos. Your accent would make it hard to understand what you are saying, but thanks to the subtitles, that is also not really an issue. Hats down, sir! Keep it up!

  2. if you use:
    "docker run -d -p 80:80 httpd" instead of "docker create httpd"
    You skip all the search procedures of the container id since you set it at startup"80".
     Just need to go to http: // localhost / to view 'index.http or info.txt with broswer.

  3. Thank you for this nice tutorial about docker! I have read the documentation before but I thought I needed more than what the documentation is explaining. Maybe I'm just the kind of a documentation + video guy in order to learn something.

    Anyways, thanks for this one!

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