36 thoughts on “How to run Django on cpanel || django cpanel || how to || tutorial

  1. bro right at minute 05:18 I get this error, see the screenshot please help me https://imgur.com/YyTANvY

  2. I followed all the steps but when I checked my site it says something like 'resource not found on this server', I didn't see the rocket welcome page.

    then noticed that I set DEBUG=False. My Bad

    Thanks mate!

  3. Thank you for your helpful video. I m a newbie. I just bought shared server from bluehost company. There is no python in the software section of its cpanel. How can I install python in the bluehost's cpanel?

  4. Hello, can you tell me why you used public_html/static folder instead of static folder in project directory? same for media folder

  5. bro….somehow my python app was deleted and i did this process again but when i restart the app, it pop up a error saying "No such application (or application not configured) "newweb"

  6. there was an error after i used python manage.py collectstatic. can you help me?
    it shows some file and says "TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for +: 'PosixPath' and 'str'
    " and is showing error in this (STATICFILES_DIRS=[BASE_DIR +"/assets",])

  7. Every command I run on my terminal seems to work but I get "the server IP address could not be found DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN" when I check my subdomain. I have restarted the server, still the same.

  8. I am facing an issue django not installed properly I think

    Its showing

    Next, start your first app by running python manage.py startapp

  9. hey bro first off, thank you from Ukraine ! second off.. how did "404.shtml", "home.html" and "layout-styles.css" ended up in public_html directory ? I did not see you setting up the defaul folder for templates…

  10. How can i fix the 503 service unavailable error . It is due to my mis configuration . How can i solve it ?

  11. Sir , Why google don't show my newly created website when I do search on Google except Url link search it don't show my website ?

  12. Hello,
    I want to Know I made a Python Django Project {E commercial Website}

    I don't know how to host or deploy my website in my Cpanel.


  13. There is no terminal in my account and also when I try to connect putty it's always say connection refused

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