How to secure free WordPress Hosting on Google Cloud Platform

How to secure free WordPress Hosting on Google Cloud Platform

In this how-to video I will walk you through step-by-step instructions how to claim free WordPress hosting on Google Cloud Platform using provided $300 US dollars credit for 12 months.

After your trial period ends (either using up all your $300 credit or having passed 12-month period whichever comes first) you will not be charged unless you upgrade to paid account. Please note that once your trial period ends , all data you stored in Compute Engine is lost, all resources you created during the trial are stopped. You must upgrade to a paid account to continue using Google Cloud.

According to Google Cloud Free Tier FAQ, any remaining or unexpired free $300 trial credit remains in your account once your upgrade to a paid account. Therefore, it is very important to activate to paid account before your trial period ends so that any unused credit will be carried forwards into your paid account for future use. The “Always Free Tier” products will also continue to be FREE.

If you’re starting out your own business with tight budget, I think this free trial on Google Cloud Platform is very good option to save the upfront cost of having your own website. Your website might not have a lot of traffic at the beginning, therefore using the Free Tier options as shown in my video should suffice. Most importantly, check out the Always Free program from Google Cloud for usage limits.

Step by step instructions:

=== Step 1: Setting up Virtual Machine on GCP ===
00:59 – Creating new Project
01:46 – Creating VM instance in Compute Engine
03:52 – Connecting to VM instance using GCloud SDK
07:54 – Creating a Linux Swap FIle

=== Step 2: Setting up Domain Name ===
10:36 – Creating Type A Record to direct Domain Name to WordPress Host

=== Step 3: Installing Requirements ===
12:38 – Installation of Apache web server for Ubuntu system
18:30 – Installation of MariaDB v15.1 database server for Ubuntu
20:27 – Installation of PHP v7.4.3
22:02 – Installation of phpMyAdmin (Optional)
23:39 – Setting up MariaDB database

=== Step 4: WordPress Installation ===
26:52 – Downloading and extracting WordPress software
27:48 – Moving WordPress files to Apache web server
29:09 – Setting up WordPress configuration file

=== Step 5: Securing WordPress Website with SSL using Let’s Encrypt CA
33:54 – Installation of Certbot to automate securing process


7 thoughts on “How to secure free WordPress Hosting on Google Cloud Platform

  1. Follow the time stamps above for step by step instructions! If you have any questions or comment, please leave a reply below…

  2. Why do I get this message: "Publishing failed. The response is not a valid JSON response" every time I click the Publish button on Pages and Posts and also when I click the Edit with Elementor button?

    And I have another message: "The backup of this post in your browser is different from the version below." Did I miss something during the installation?

  3. The certbot doesn't make my site secure when I use an image from another site which the image is not secure. It has an exclamation mark on the padlock. Can I install the Really Simple SSL plugin to redirect it to a secure sight? Or can I use another method to install an SSL like they show on other channels, so I can also install that plugin?

    How do I install my SSL certificate if I already get it from my domain?

  4. The $300 credit is not carried forward after the Free Trial period ends. And the Free Trial Period is just three months, not one year long anymore.

  5. Loving the channel. 🙃 You have a new sub! Why aren’t you using SMZeus”dot”com?!? You should use it to promote your videos!

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