29 thoughts on “How to send an email from a static HTML page using Google Sheets Script | Create a Contact Form

  1. Thank you for your Support, Check out the Step By Step Guide and Download The Files Here: https://h-educate.com/how-to-send-email-html-google/

  2. Hi..I'm trying to implement this example but not able to getting result..not getting mail…can you please help me

  3. I did exactly what you told
    {"result":"success","data":"{"name":["ABCD"],"message":["1234"],"email":["[email protected]"]}"}
    This is displaying even after making another js file
    Can somebody help ? (I am using chrome browser)

  4. Thanks for this, however for some reason it doesn’t work for me. I have put the things in which are asked and I get it to my static emails however from there it doesn’t send the information to gmail, why?

  5. im trying this in html div but after sending the message, there is no info reply (thanks for sending), i get a blank page mail.php and the mail itself reach destination, i wanted to get the info message or refresh back to main page. any tips what im missing? thank you!

  6. Thank you for this explanation, and I have two problems, the first is that I do not receive an email with the replies that are sent, and the second when the information is sent this problem appears

    script.googleusercontent.com refused to connect."
    Knowing the information is sent to the form in Google

  7. Hi Nice work and I tried this , data was saved successfully in excel but confirmation message is not shown after submission like "Than you for contact us"..It shows google scripts…Please help me for this issue

  8. When I submit my input, the browser load me to new page and display this message below
    {"result":"success","data":"{"Email":["[email protected]"],"Message":["hello"],"Phone":["2819196958"],"Name":["din"]}"}
    Can anyone help me how to prevent this ? Thanks

  9. thanks a lot, this could work as a value added for my clients.. cause most of them have mailboxes filled with spam mails using node-mailer

  10. If I want to return to the original page…. What changes should I have to do in the code….. I tried doing it by changing return statement…. It doesn't seem to work for me….. Thank you in advance

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