31 thoughts on “How to Set up GoDaddy Domain Forwarding

  1. Thanks Nada! Once I do this, do I need to do anything with the other host (Wix) to release the previous forward instructions?

  2. PLEASE HELP!!…. can we use this same trick to redirect the website domain to my notion public-link template??

  3. Thanks a bunch. Inside GoDaddy has changed and things moved around. Short vids are super helpful for me.

  4. Hello GoDaddy. I have to say I'm really disapointed with your services. I remember when i signed up there was an option to change the website from Japanese to English (I'm American, living in Japan). Since a couple years ago, your website no longer offers that option. On top of that whenever I want to go to your English help pages from google it automatically re-directs me to your Japanese site. So I've had to go, buy a VPN, just to be able to access English help on your site from Japan. On top of all of that, I used to be able to link my sites directly to Social media or Youtube, now it turned off that option for me and keeps giving me an error.

    Both of these issues:
    -Switching the site to English
    -Connecting my social media (or forwarding any site) from my purchased URL to another site has become practically impossible and keeps giving me an error

    Both of these were not an issue when I signed up for your site almost a decade ago. Now I'm spending over 2 hours trying to fix these problems that didn't used to be problems.

    Please fix these issues in the future.

  5. I regret buying the domain I bought from godaddy, no technical customer support to help rectify issues, the domain has been showing "site cannot be reached" for close to a month now, I tried all I can using several tutorial, sometimes it will work, and after a while it will stop working.

  6. completely mess every time they keeping changing but the problem is they don't update their web and this is so confuse for customer, so frustrating

  7. Hi, great vid! Nevertheless, I´m having some kind of an issue with the domain forwarding. It´s working but now it shows as a not safe website (SSL). What I mean is that it doesn´t show the padlock next to the mask url. What can I do? Thanks!!!

  8. Hy, when I access the DNS Management and I scroll down, there is no forwarding section. What happend to my account, is there go daddy have new menu interface or what ?

  9. Hi, can you forward to a default URL – for example I have a few sites such as:

    So if I type https://doc.abc.com/project/ and hit enter can it redirect to https://doc.abc.com/project_1.0/Default.htm (or whichever URL i specify)? Or is there are way to add a script to do this in Godaddy?

  10. this is not a beginner tutorial. you should be a teacher. There is no need to make a video with 10% knowledge and 90% animation, Where do we go if the official YouTube channels try to give us such short information through the video when needed? This is not a video article, you could have covered all the details through the video but you are not doing that.

  11. I trying to but says: ** NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID is there a video you I can learn how to fix that problem?

  12. I got forwarding working on my go daddy but it doesn't work with the www in front of my address, it only works without the www? Any ideas why?

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