29 thoughts on “How to: Set up Microsoft Office 365 Exchange with a cPanel Server

  1. Thank you! I couldn't find the follow up video on adding the account to Outlook. In Outlook, would you add the email as a Microsoft 365 account? Or an Exchange account?

  2. Sé que no me entenderás por hablar Español pero usa el traductor.
    Te amo, me salvaste, cosa hermosa, cosa preciosa

  3. Awesome… Who did you register your domain with? I went to use Godaddy and they lock out a lot of admin functions within 365.

  4. Hi Ryan, at the end of the video you said you were going to show how to set up outlook and skype for business, are these videos up?

  5. Fantastic! Inside GoDaddy they make you put the cname's before the MX but it wasnt working, i found this and decided to do the MX before the cName and everything went smoothly.

  6. Create video Ryah, but l have question :
    One of my client purchased a office365 , but he is hosting email on my cpanel , he want some of his employ lets say 10 of them , to have office365 and the other remaining employ with be in my hosting mail ?

    Do you have any advise

  7. thank you so much for that! MS directions were not eve for CPanel. Couldn't have done done it without this video.

  8. Great video Ryan. Thanks for producing this video. Can you please let me know how I use "both" some cpanel email accounts and some office365 email accounts for the same domain so that both can coexist?

  9. Hi Ryan, is there a way to automatically add the Office 365 DNS data to cPanel? It can become tedious to do it this way, which is the way I am doing it now.

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