How to set up Owncloud/ Personal Cloud storage For Free

How to set up Owncloud/ Personal Cloud storage For Free

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16 thoughts on “How to set up Owncloud/ Personal Cloud storage For Free

  1. Check out the latest Guide on ubuntu 20.04 Without any music in the background

  2. The background music is very annoying while the content of this tutorial seems to be quite interesting. Sorry, but I quickly dropped off…

  3. Thank you this acrtually worked! I did realize that the virtualbox manager had to remain running on the pc in orderr for the own-cloud to work though. Do you know if there is any desktop version of own-cloud or is the image file for virtualbox the only way? I do not understand what their website is showing.

  4. I thank you for the video, however when I go to the site this is where I get lost, it looks nothing like the site you accessed. There is no download tab. Although I did download the zip file available, opened it, but didn't know what to do with it, it doesnt't have an install file or anythng that looks as though it would install the program, can you please help?

  5. Consider adding "Virtualbox" and maybe Windows to the title. I was looking for Owncloud setup on Virtualbox and didn't find your video. Accidentally found it later. In addition to music that made listening difficult I would of expected smoother / more experienced presentation of the process. Otherwise keep up the good work.

  6. I have got problem while sharing Local External Storage. Here's the screenshot:

  7. Everything worked smoothly, now I wanted to know how to actually access the server outside the local network ?

  8. I’ve got it running on my MacBook Air I’ve got bootcamp windows 10 I was quite surprised it work but it keeps showing this message server down for maintenance i do not what is causing it but it come back just a minute ago now it’s gone again I’ve noticed when it’s off it doesn’t let us login it doesn’t work on my android device as well I have sent email to them but I’m new to this I watch your video on how to do this do you know what could be doing this.

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