How to Setup Amazon AWS EC2 with Namecheap - Cloud Computing Workshop

How to Setup Amazon AWS EC2 with Namecheap – Cloud Computing Workshop

I’m doing a university student club workshop on Amazon EC2 with Namecheap, so I created a YouTube tutorial about the setup and Cloud Computing concept.

Berkeley paper, explaining Cloud Computing:

Amazon Web Services:

1) Create an AWS account if you haven’t already
2) New accounts get a year of free micro instances.
3) Select your region on the management console.
4) Launch an instance with Ubuntu AMI.
5) Up to Step 6 is default. Make sure for Step 6, configure Security Group with HTTP, HTTPS, and a Custom TCP Rule for 8080.
6) Launch the instance, but make sure that you download the key file.

You will need a program that can use the ssh protocol. On windows, it’s a bit of a pain. Mac and Linux terminals come with SSH by default.

Cygwin is what I use for the SSH protocol.
My tutorial on Cygwin:

Link to Cygwin for download:

My Commands after opening the command prompt:
cd Desktop
ls -l
chown :Users basicwebsite.pem
chmod 600 basicwebsite.pem
ssh -i basicwebsite.pem [email protected]_address

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install apache2

If you open a browser tab and visit the IP address from the management console for the instance you created, you can see that the apache2 webserver works and gives you the default success page!

On the management console, you can maneuver to Elastic IPs. Create a new IP and allocate to your instance. Your instance of your virtual server will now have a new static IP.


On Namecheap, you can purchase a domain or website name. Make a free account if you don’t have one already.

University students can get a free .me domain name:

Log into your account. Manage your domains. Click on the domain name of your choice. Maneuver to All Host Records. Copy the new IP address for your virtual instance from EC2. On both host records, you place that IP address for @ and www. Make sure that both records are A (Address). Save.

Your website name will now be the website name for the IP address of your virtual server. Your domain name from Namecheap is connected to your EC2 virtual instance.

ssh -i basicwebsite.pem [email protected]_name

Editing the index.html of your website. Editing the HTML of your website:
cd /var/www/html
sudo rm index.html
sudo nano index.html

I put hello world on index.html, and when I visited my website name, it reflected the change instantly. Any changes you make to your instance shows on your website name.


20 thoughts on “How to Setup Amazon AWS EC2 with Namecheap – Cloud Computing Workshop

  1. Hello MickrowaveSam, Your tutorial is very informative and well describe, but one thing I didn't understand is that " those cmd you wrote is not working for me it shows, ""ls' is not recognized as an internal or external command"". how did you don that? please replay back, I am wait for your replay. Thanks in advanced.

  2. This is an awesome video!!!!I can't sleep and I decided to watch some tutorials and your video really got me interested to setup ec2 really soon.

  3. @MicrowaveSam Great! We have already configured namecheap domain with EC2. Now, Please, Make a tutorial how to install wordpress in it 🙂 Waiting for your response!

  4. Somebody please help me, how to make Linux commands like chown ,chmod, ls ,ls -l  using windows command prompt as shown in the video?.

  5. thanks! I installed wordpress from ec2 service, how could I change it from my domain name, i can visit my wordpress through ip address only. confused and hair pulling situation haha

  6. haha , great tutorial. 
    And the best part is I can ask you directly if I have any question as your roommate. lol 

  7. You have vastly improved Microwave sam. I remember back in 2011 or 2012 on your tutorials on hacking the wii. Good stuff bro.

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