How to Setup and Secure Your Cloud VPS on Ubuntu 16 -Vultr Tutorial

How to Setup and Secure Your Cloud VPS on Ubuntu 16 -Vultr Tutorial

🍰🍰🍰 Learn how to setup and secure your cloud vps on Ubuntu server. In the video tutorial , I will teach you how to initial setup your cloud vps on Ubuntu 16.04.

So, you will the basic setup of cloud vps such as deploy a new Ubuntu server on Vultr vps. Then, I will teach you how to connect to your server using putty ssh client.

We will create a new user and add it to sudo group so the user can work as the administrator on your cloud vps server.

What’s more, you will learn how to secure your vps by disabled root login permission.

After, you will learn how to generate putty ssh keys and embed it on your cloud vps.

Finally, I will show how to disable password authentication and connect to your vps using private ssh keys.

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26 thoughts on “How to Setup and Secure Your Cloud VPS on Ubuntu 16 -Vultr Tutorial

  1. Your video is still live and kicking. The video is still teaching us till this day. My server is now all set and secure. Thanks!

  2. Hi after long time. Your tutorial is very useful for me. First time i use cent os. By following your tutorial, now i Change Ubuntu.

  3. Thanks bro! It took me around 3 hours to practice this 30 min hahaha But I finished it! now will watch the next one! thanks bro

  4. សួស្ដីបង! បងគួរតែធ្វើវីដេអូហ្នឹងជាភាសាខ្មែរផង !

  5. hey Kim, thanks for making these videos!
    I followed your instructions for removing root user (tried it twice) and I even restarted the server, but I was still able to log in with the root and original password. I'm using Ubuntu 17.10 x64

  6. Thank you for your time Kim! Good Tutorial I follow you step by step and struck at the permission so then I try to search and got the result that you missed one 0 number " chmod 0700 ~/.ssh"

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