How to Setup (Contabo) VPS + Free Webmin Panel + Install SSL + Wordpress - Ultimate Tutorial

How to Setup (Contabo) VPS + Free Webmin Panel + Install SSL + WordPress – Ultimate Tutorial

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00:00 Intro
00:16 Intro 2
00:46 How to support me
01:16 Buying VPS at Contabo
03:37 Download Putty
04:02 Buying a domain at Nameheap
04:40 Setting up a VPS
05:15 Installing Webmin + Virtualmin
06:40 Log in to Webmin (first time)
07:41 Add a domain to VPS
08:32 Set up DNS at Namecheap
09:15 Set up DNS at Contabo
09:46 Uploading website
10:51 Installing wordpress
12:27 Installing Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate
13:33 Thank you for watching

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49 thoughts on “How to Setup (Contabo) VPS + Free Webmin Panel + Install SSL + WordPress – Ultimate Tutorial

  1. Hi there, Thanks for explaining everything in detail. I have an issue with Virtualmin, When I try to Install WordPress almost after 48 hours "This script cannot be installed, as this virtual server does not meet its requirements: A MySQL database is needed" Can you please tell me, what is the solution for it? Looking forward to your response.

  2. Hi, nice video. Can you please tell me if you choose webmin as well when you bought the vps or when you installed virtualmin also installed webmin? Thank you

  3. Awesome.. thanks for the tuto.. help me a lot to change my actual panel for Webmin. Direct to the important stuff 😀

  4. Contabo vs. DigitalOcean | Which to choose? | Honest Review :

  5. I followed the same process you mentioned but when I try to open the link, ti's giving me an error "connection refused"

  6. Hi there – When I click "Preview Website" I am not given any WordPress screen – are there any prerequisites for this to work? Thank you so much for the amazing tutorial 🙂

  7. Hello, thank you first of all. I used your video and i setup website. but after 2 month and half i get auto renewal SSL error, do you have any solution for that or tutorial.

  8. Hey PomBnny i have some websites hosted on hostgator and i want to move the to my contabo vps. Would you have any videos showing how to transfer already running websites from another hosting to contabo?

  9. When I use putty and put the IP it doesn't appear the login to me and gives me time out connection
    Help please

  10. Hi, would be most grateful if you could sare this website, I REALLY need smth similar and struggling to get one. Many thanks in advance

  11. thank you … i want ask you how can i add another website from namecheap i bought tow domain and i want to host them in the same vps i tried but it has problem i wish to answer me as fast as you can ^_^

  12. Good video, thanks. I have 2 requests if you don't mind. The first is that my SSL cert was installed but my site still comes up as 'Not secured'. Any idea why? The second request would be if you'd consider doing some videos about configuring the VPS – firewall, sftp?

  13. Hi thank you for this video. I want to sell webhosting to my clients for which I have to create a package and individual accounts. I have done this with shared hosting in the past.But want to move on to vps hosting to achieve the same. Please advise me on the possibilities and best package to pick for this. I will use your affiliate link if such scenario is possible. thanks

  14. Thanks for the wonderful and valuable lesson

    Greetings to you

    It has one problem

    Upload files larger than 2MB are not accepted

    The upload_max_filesize message appears

  15. hi whenever im inthe black window with the username root and my password it doesnt let me type or paste anything how can i fix this

  16. OMG I was searching for a tutorial to install WordPress on my contabo server, because I have only 20 days left on my siteground wordpress, and they are asking for $180 to renew my plan, HELL NO, thanks for to totorial, love you kissy kissy..

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