16 thoughts on “How to setup EC2 instance, PHP website, MqSql, Apache2

  1. if alredy create one instance and that instance have alredy host website but i also upload another website so can i host another website on same instance ?

  2. hey why we doing this step mysql_secure_installation

    and this step is not executing when i am giving password to mysql its shows

    Error: Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost'

  3. This is the best video on how to setup AWS EC2 instance and install apache2, php, mysql that I have seen. Thank You!

  4. Can you please make a video on Apache on one public EC2 and MySQL on another private EC2 and connect them using phpmyadmin ?

  5. Hey, I followed all the steps in the video up to 15:34 and All i get is This site can't be reached. Reasons? I have tried restarting the apache2 and starting it

  6. sir ji mai jab bhi AWS account create kr raha hu toh sara account suspended kyo ho ja raha hai maine 5 alag alag email id se registration but sare id kyo suspended ho ja rehe hai

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