35 thoughts on “How to Setup Google Analytics & Install on Website

  1. Amazing Tutorial, That's your Tracking ID you worked hard to blur but missed out in one place "UA-90147503-1"

  2. Okay, this is depressing. I went through the comments and see that no one else has witnessed what I am seeing. Uuuuggghhh! I am using a Google Site that was the free one that can be built off of Google Drive. The Analytics I am using is from the nine dots in a square in the top right of my screen. What did I do? Or, what did I do wrong?

  3. This tutorial looks great, but my analytics looks nothing like what you were showing. I am going to see if there is a reason why. I've spent months tweaking my site and really hope that it doesn't need to be rebuilt. I'll scream if it needs to be rebuilt.

  4. I have a question please, I expect you to reply me. If i use Monster app, do i still need to add the code to the header file?

  5. Very informative and straight to the point. Thank you. The only question I have is that if I have a custom website with many pages, do I have to include the script in each pages header?

  6. Thank you! Analytics wouldn't work when I added it to the top of the <HEAD> section as "required". I added it above the <?php wp_head(); ?> and it worked instantly! perfectly!

  7. Thank you sooooooooooooo much your video was really helpful . I’ve trying this forever and it didn’t work

  8. The website am trying to track was created using Google slides, would that be Http: or Https when setting it up in analytics?

  9. Today, 5/22/2020, "The Authenticate with Google Accounts" is not onscreen. This video news to be updated!!!

  10. Where should I put the tracking code in an HTML file? In header parameters? Before all the codes?

  11. I tried this and the data won't load on my Google Analytics. Whenever I try to paste the code on "header.php" it keeps saying that something went wrong.

  12. What are your reasons to use a WordPress plugin rather than copying the Google code to the header.php file?

  13. I currently don`t have a website, but would like to learn Google Analytics for developement of personal competencies. Would it be against any juristiciton to use someone else`s website URL? or is there an obligation to have a personal webpage?

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  15. I'm a beginner, and quite frustrated. The interface has changed, the buttons have changed, the sections have changed, and I'm floundering.

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