How to Setup Plex with WD MyCloud Home NAS

How to Setup Plex with WD MyCloud Home NAS

This video shows you how to setup a NAS device (WD My Cloud Home) as a Plex Media Server.

Why do this?
Listen to your music, watch your videos, view your photos anywhere from a tablet, phone or TV (via Roku).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Not every single NAS device on the market will work with PLEX. Please see the following links for more info:
NAS Limitations:
NAS Compatibility List:

Plex Mobile Apps:

Plex in the App Store:
Plex on Google Play:

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Plex Server –
Plex Pass –
WD MyCloud:
Router –
Roku –

My video(s) referenced:
Live TV and DVR with Plex Pass, Antenna, Roku, and HDHomeRun – Setup Tutorial –

32 thoughts on “How to Setup Plex with WD MyCloud Home NAS

  1. Better, much better is not to buy this stuff at all. It is tge worst thing I ever had and wad very lucky I was able to give it back.

  2. I tried buying and using this product 3 years ago. I found it to be the most utterly useless, disastrous, poorly-document piece of crap that I have ever seen. I simply could not figure it out! It took WD a remote session, over one hour of work, to even get the thing "working", by THEIR standards. There was NO MANUAL! Paper or electronic! Horrible!

  3. It seems to me that when you connect this unit to your network, you don't get the option to map a drive to it directly. It seems that when you transfer a file from your computer to this NAS, it has to be uploaded to the internet and then downloaded back to your NAS ie WAN which is Computer –> Internet –> NAS, rather than mapping a drive to it and going directly over your LAN. Correct?

    If so, this would take days for me to transfer my media.

    Also I wonder if this is how it would move files within the NAS like you showed when moving files to the Plex sub-folders. Does it have to upload to the internet and then download back to the NAS into the new location.

    A NAS should be accessible in your home network without a internet connection. If you broke your internet connection (as a test), can you still access the NAS?

  4. Thanks for explaining this. I use to have a seagate central until it popped out on me, I was using it with a 5 year old tv, which natively picked up the HD on LGs WebOS and there was no need to have any additional software, similarly fairly easy to use and transfer files.

    Buying this WD cloud I was expecting something similar of a setup however with a bit more technicality.

    I was hoping to use the WD cloud as a backup sync to my final image and home video files along with music backups, not so much for movies.

    Along with backup I had also hoped to have these available around the house from any of the devices or TVs.

    I had no idea about Plex and it was a bit of a curveball and signing up for another solution that wasn’t natively supported.

    Other challenge I hoped to have sorted and hopefully a solution is out there was the backup sync would be the main source of content and the Plex folder was only links to the sync folder so there aren’t two copied of the same content,

    Please advise if anyone has any info to confirm this.

  5. Thanks for being explicit. Not many demonstrators say what the initials mean. Now I know what NAS, Network Attached Storage means. Perhaps I’m too new to this stuff, but is all your owned media being transferred via Ethernet?

  6. Hi there, I have a windows 10 laptop and a my cloud home which I have successfully installed through my TV. I have also loaded Movies which work through my Tv , Photos which are displayed on my TV however my plex will not in any way pick up my music folder or my music video folder I hope you can help me as it's very frustrating.

  7. Thanks for your video, but wich Plex media Server used you in the WD My Cloud Home? Where can I download this version? Thanks and sorry, my English is not good…

  8. Great video thank you, but the streaming quality cause now it’s up to 1080p, is it hardware or software restriction ?
    I'm asking to know is it possible to expect 4K streaming on PLEX software update or not.

  9. Hi, you said that this device in your hand has 2 drives. Are your sure about that? You also stated that it stays on. Does it not sleep or do the drives spin even when it's not in use?

  10. Hi Caroline, hope you stay well
    My WD Cloud Home update recentlty firmware and now this dont mount in Plex. I`ve macos 10.12.6 in Macbook 13 2017.
    I've reinstalled Plex app in Macbook and in my TV Samsung again, but only appear the mac.
    Any solution? thx! and best regards

  11. Hi Caroline Thanks for the video, because of it I bought my Mycloud home WD. But unfortunately the Plex do not showing the server setup. I need to do any setup in my network or in the NAS itself to show server setup? Thanks in advance from Brazil!

  12. Many thanks Caroline. Ive been using My Cloud for a while but wasn't quite sure about Plex setup, followed your video and its working great! Mike

  13. Hello, thanks for your video it's great.
    I have a question regarding my "problem". First my plex is functioning but the computer is always on because if not the videos in the Nas opens but stops and starts several times so I prefer to have the computer always on…
    However my disc space in the cloud Hine 4TB is getting ful and I want to ask you if I can turn a normal disc in example a wd disc of 10TB to the Nas disc. Thanks

  14. hi. when I try to activate plex nothing happen. i can not reach the configuration page as you. do you know why?

  15. I have an aging synology drive and have recently acquired a WD My Home Duo 16TB, can I use that as a Plex Server, but backup files as well onto it, or once you decide to use a drive as Plex can it not be used for anything else

  16. Hello to Caroline or anyone else that can help. Everytime my plex is seeking a server for set up, it wants to go through my computer. I was hoping someone has found a way for the MyCloud home to be picked up as default? Mine just doesn't (and no options to choose another one).

  17. I see most NAS don’t have the ability to transcode & stream 4K, my WDhome cloud doesn’t support it, just about does 1080p, guess I will stay with Kodi, no additional hardware needed. Been looking at moving to Plex for a change but 10yrs on it still doesn’t do it for me. I think this video is going to give a bunch of people a headache, useful maybe 10yrs ago. I would not want my NAS running hot either with all my important data on it.

  18. Im starting to freak out with the configuration. I got a Synology DS1515+ and this works like a charm. Unfortunately the Synonolgy died so i decided to bring up Plex with My Cloud home.

    What i cant figure out:

    1. How do i manage to get Plex look for media in my own categories? For example: I add "other Videos" and rename this to "GoPro Videos". How can i tell Plex to look for videos in the directory "GoPro Videos" on the MyCloud Home. I can't add the path to that or i must be stupid or an idiot. Maybe i am 😀

    2. if Point 1 will not work i can't add own libraries and i always have to choose between the categories "Movies, Photos, Music and other videos. I want to add my own categories as much as i like and i want to specify where plex should look for files.

    3. I deleted all of the categories besides Movies, renamed this to GoPro Videos. Made a Folder inside "shared videos" with the name "GoPro Videos". Plex found media…ok so far. After a scan every information was taken from the internet. So i got a bunch of disney movies with totally wrong covers, wrong information… everything was wrong. So i took the time and add my own informations, dates, cover artwork, description and stuff like that. Took me 2 days to organize my GoPro Videos. After i was finished i made the next categorie name "Yamaha Raptor Videos". And BOOM everything was gone. No movies in the GoPro Videos nor in the Yamaha Raptor Videos Category. Files still in the shared movies directory. So i deleted the Yamaha Raptor Category. Nothing found. After a refresh of the Mediafiles my GoPro Videos showed up again. But guess what? All of my own descriptions, cover artwork and stuff like that was gone. This is a pain in the ass and very frustrating. Can someone help me to get rid of this sh**?


  19. I find it depressing that the Plex service only works for directories within a Plex directory. The MyCloud Home devices are a pain as they must function under MyCloud software. There's got to be a simpler way. What is wrong with a drive that is simply on line?

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