How To Setup Private DNS On Any Android Device

How To Setup Private DNS On Any Android Device

It’s very important to be concerned about your privacy in an online world. Google has added an option to use private DNS service for Android starting with android 9 release. And hopefully later versions Android 10 and also Android 11 has it. You should definitely use private DNS on your Android smartphone or tablet if you’re not already to protect your Data from getting leaked online. So, in this video i’ll show how to configure Private DNS on any Android devices even for devices running older versions of Android.

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☑ 4 Best Private DNS Host-names for Android:
1. Google DNS ( Hostname:
2. Cloudflare DNS ( Hostname:
3. Quad9 DNS ( Hostname:
4. If you want to block any adult sites and contents or just go Family mode:
👉CleanBrowsing DNS (
Family Filter:
Adult Filter:
Security Filter:

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38 thoughts on “How To Setup Private DNS On Any Android Device

  1. Hello
    Could you please tell me how to lock private dns so that it cannot be changed?
    Third party app or any other way is fine
    I use the clean browsing DNS
    I really need a way to lock it in settings
    If I use their app as VPN then it can also be disabled in settings and their VPN blocks random websites as well

  2. Question: do the private dns settings on android 9 cascade down through hotspot and tethering clients?

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