27 thoughts on “How to setup Source Control for Unreal Engine: Perforce Tutorial

  1. If you're on Windows 10, you should be using the built-in OpenSSH instead of PuTTy. It used to be an optional feature that you had to enable, not sure if that's still the case but something to keep in mind if `ssh` doesn't work in the terminal.

  2. i signed up for the digital ocean and thnk for 100 credit…awesome waiting for the email to setup the server. Does it come a little bit late ???

  3. Great Tutorial! Unfortunately I'm stuck at 15:57 when I try to add my files to the repository it reports only warnings in the log witch says "file(s) not in client view". Is there a way to fix it?

  4. This video was great, but I ran into an issue with this tutorial when I tried to build my game since Perforce makes files read-only to keep track of edits.
    I still have to look into but it seems to be caused by not setting a P4 typemap:
    The tutorial also mentions that it is better to set your server to be case insensitive.

  5. Excellent video! My brother and I keep running into an issue that is says "Couldn't set association for project. Check the file is writeable." every time he tries to open the project files I've uploaded that he's retrieved from the server.

  6. Will have to do this for each project we create? would you recommend creating one droplet that will store all our unreal projects or creating a droplet for each project?

  7. Thank you great video, but I have question could you record a tutorial on how to make inventory in a game similar to, for example, Resident evil 7?

  8. i'm thinking about setting this up locally on my raspberry pi 4, i guess the process should be similar since its also based on linux

    EDIT: apparently Perforce has dropped the support for raspberry pi devices 🙁

  9. In the video you said version control will take you back before you screwed up your code could you possibly show how that would work? is it similar to git where you can go to a certain commits

  10. THANK YOUU!!!! I had perforce set up when I was attending full sail using unitu but I recently tried to set it up on my new PC but I couldn't get it to work unreal

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