How to Setup WordPress Site On Vultr VPS Using One Click Installation 2019

How to Setup WordPress Site On Vultr VPS Using One Click Installation 2019

In the video tutorial, you’ll learn how to properly setup a WordPress site on Vultr cloud VPS using WordPress one-click installation app. The tutorial will guide you on everything regarding Vultr one-click app such as deploying new server, setting up WordPress, configuring DNS settings, Virtual host configuration, and removing wp-admin prompt or Http authentication.

Enjoy the tutorial ~

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26 thoughts on “How to Setup WordPress Site On Vultr VPS Using One Click Installation 2019

  1. Can you make a video show how to migrate a small site from shared hosting to Vultr? I made every steps except the SSL (Let's Encrypt) is not working properly. Thank you!

  2. Can we set up multiple sites in one instance?? By one click install. Do you have a tutorial on that?

  3. Hi vult wordpress hosting have ioncube loader? My wp plugin requires ioncube loader. Please answer. Your answer will help a lot for me. Thanks

  4. Okay, so you do not need to buy a domain name to use vultr hosting. You can make a website on a domain provided by vultr and then you can buy the actual domain later. am i right?

  5. Hey Kim, thanks a lot for the tutorial. I would like to know a few things.
    1. When you click Application install in Vultr, does it install only WordPress or a linux distro with WordPress on top? If with OS, which one?
    2. How do we install Let's Encrypt SSL with this process?
    3. How to setup multiple WP websites with this method?

  6. hi kim, can you help me?

    i have a wordpress instance on vultr. there is already a domain installed. So, how can I add a new domain to the instance and create a new site that has different content from my old domain?

  7. Thanks for the wonderful explanation. Now if we want to install more than 1 wordpress site, do we need do deploy new server everytime or can we install more than 1 wordpress site on the same server?

  8. hello. have a nice day ! I have followed your instructions. all is OK. and i want to install paidssl (I bought comodo ssl certificate). Can you show me how to do it next?

  9. Thanks for the video, I am not a technical person so I can not handle this, however, I can use managed cloud hosting where I don't need to handle any technicalities, I am considering WPEngine, Cloudways, and Siteground. What do you think about it?

  10. sir, can you make a new tutorial about creating subdomain?

    i use, namecheap for domain, contabo for server, easyengine for build the website.


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