How To Speed Up Wordpress - Optimization Guide for Shared Hosting

How To Speed Up WordPress – Optimization Guide for Shared Hosting

9 ways to optimize and speed up your wordpress website hosted on a shared hosting site.

Improving your WordPress site speed will give you better google search ranking.

Shared hosting will typically yield very slow TTFB (time to first byte). By implementing caching I show how to lower your TTFB down to 80ms.

The topics covered are:
1. How to pick a good shared hosting package
2. Setup Caching
3. Theme Framework
4. Optimize Images
5. Optimize CSS & Javascript
6. PHP Plugins
7. Disable Comments and Trackbacks
8. Setup Gzip
9. Setup a CDN

Bonus – comparison of shared hosting to a website setup on the cheapest Digital Ocean VPS droplet.


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