How to SSH in to your Bluehost Account ( Step by Step information)

How to SSH in to your Bluehost Account ( Step by Step information)

How to SSH in to your Bluehost Account

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For the purpose of this tutorial, I will be outlying steps to follow in order to create SSH access in to your blue host server. Most shared hosting servers and cPanel accounts might have very similar steps to undertake when creating SSH access. But keep in mind that this tutorial/ article is specific to Bluehost.

Create SSH Key on Bluehost
In order to access your server using a terminal window. You need to fist enable SSH access on your account. IF you own a shared hosting account with Bluehost it is important that you call / live chat with Bluehost support in order for them to enable SSH access to your server. Once SSH access is enabled you can do the following.
1. Log in to your Bluehost Control Panel
2. Click on Advanced section, to access your cPanel dashboard.
3. Click SSH Access under the Security Tab
4. Click on Manage SSH Keys
5. Click + Generate a New Key
a. Give the key a Name
b. Create a Strong Password
c. Key type  Leave default value ( RSA)
d. Key Size  Leave default value (2048)
e. Click Generate Key
6. Once the Key is created click on the go Back button to return to SSH main page
7. Select the newly created SSH Public Key
a. You will notice it is not Authorized
8. Authorize the SSH key by clicking on Manage
9. Click Authorize button to activate the key
10. Once the Key is activated navigate back to the SSH main page
11. Navigate to Private Keys section
12. Select View/Download for the Key you created
13. Once inside the key page, you will be given an option to convert the key to a PPK format
a. Convert the “KEYNAME” key to PPK format:
b. Enter the passphrase to unlock the “KEYNAME” key for conversion  use the Password when creating the SSH key
c. Click Convert
d. Once the Key is converted you can download it by clicking on the Download button

Use PUTTY / or similar terminal to access SSH
For the purpose of this tutorial we will use putty. If you need to download putty, you can use the link below to download putty from their original server.
1. Open putty window
2. Gather following information
a. CPanel Username
b. Hostname or IP address of server : You can refer to the video above to locate this information
c. Enter IP address or hostname
d. Select SSH
e. Port 22
3. On the left hand menu control select SSH option under CONNECTION
4. Click AUTH option
5. Browse to the downloaded key location, select the Key.
6. Click Open
7. Optional : you can save your SSH info to putty, refer to video above for more information
8. This will open the terminal window
a. Enter Bluehost cPanel Username
b. Then it will ask for the password for the Key you created
c. If all the information is entered correctly, you will now have SSH access to your Bluehost Server.

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  1. Hello can you help me to solve this issue ???
    sudo: effective uid is not 0, is sudo installed setuid root?

  2. Thank you Don! I was struggling with this for a while. I was entering my domain name for the host name instead of the shared IP address, wondering why I wasn't getting a login prompt.

  3. Sir, i followed the same way.. but i got "Network Error: connection refused". I'm using windows10 and cpanel hosting. please guide me.. how can i solve this error.

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