How To Transfer Your Website To Another Hosting Provider [2020]

How To Transfer Your Website To Another Hosting Provider [2020]

In this tutorial I’ll go over 2 methods of how to transfer your website from one hosting company to another. The transfer process is really simple!
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In this tutorial you’ll learn how to transfer your website from one host to another completely free of charge. This can be done on absolutely any web hosting providers and you don’t have to pay their technicians or contact them at all. By learning how to transfer your website from one host to another you’ll never have to pay for a website migration service ever again.

Intro – 00:00
WordPress Website Transfer (Max 500MB size) – 0:20
Updating Name Servers – 3:20
Manual Website Migration (Unlimited Size) – 4:35
Using a WordPress Plugin (MAX Website size – 500MB)

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In other to transfer your website to another host you’ll need to take these steps.

1. Open the WordPress dashboard of your old web hosting provider and install and activate a plugin called “All In 1 WP Migration”.
2. Click on “All In 1 WP Migration” button and select the “Export” option from the menu.
3. Choose to export your website as “File” and save the zip file somewhere on your computer. These are all of your website files for a successful website migration.

4. Now, to transfer your website you’ll need to install a clean WordPress version on the web hosting providers account you want to transfer your website to.
5. After WordPress is installed go into the control dashboard and install the All In 1 WP Migration plugin again.
6. This time from the menu choose “Import”, if your website is larger than 64Mb you’ll need to install the plugin extension I’ve linked above.
7. Upload the File you’ve downloaded earlier. And the plugin will transfer your website to another hosting provider automatically.
8. Now you’ll need to update your Permalink Structure. Click “Update Permalink Structure” and choose “Post Name” then click save. Your website should be transferred at this point!
Manually Migrate Website (ANY SIZE)

1. Inside your OLD web hosting provider, navigate to the File Manager and compress all of the files there into a zip file. Then download the Zip file onto your computer.
2.Inside your OLD web hosting provider, navigate tothe PHPMyAdmin area and export all of the database files as an SQL file. Download the file onto your computer.
3. Inside your NEW Web hosting provider and install a fresh WordPress version.
4. Inside your NEW web hosting provider access the PHPMyAdmin area and remove all of the existing files. Replace them with the SQL file you’ve downloaded earlier.
5. Inside your NEW web hosting provider access the FIle Manager and delete all of the files there. Replace them by unpacking the zip file you’ve downloaded earlier.
6.Update the WP-Config files with the new prefix to merge the database and files of your new site.
So these are the 2 methods of how to transfer your website to another host. While the first method of website migration is easier, it’s limited to maximum size of 500mb for your website. If you have a larger website than 500mb you’ll have to use method 2 to successfully transfer your website.
I am affiliated, but not sponsored by any hosting provider. This means I might make money when you purchase hosting services through the links provided and I might be able to offer discounts when available. All of my opinions on this channel are always my own!

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30 thoughts on “How To Transfer Your Website To Another Hosting Provider [2020]

  1. In the second method I couldn't upload my website, it says: max. size 125 MB. My website size is 950, so what should I do? please help me

  2. Great tutorial I was trying to migrate my website using a plugin but didn't work because the website was too big, I followed all the steps and worked, Thank you very much for your help 🙂

  3. Thank you sir! The manual way worked PERFECTLY. I'd actually recommend the manual way as you won't have to worry about any plugins failing on you. Sounds way harder than it is!

  4. So a question, if you have sub domains, is it the same process? what about email set up and passwords? set up a new subdomain and recreate everything? then upload site files and connect to database?

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  8. Someone may face a download limit issue, If your download file is heavy simply go to the online file manager and download the backup file from there, it will work flawlessly

  9. Hey, Emit! excellent guide. Always find your videos helpful. Keep rocking. I have a doubt (more of a dumb question maybe).
    The thing is, I have created a few domain emails using my current web hosting's cPanel. If I migrate my website to a new web host, what happens to those domain emails?

  10. If your website doesn't let you upload your cgi-bin file because of a max upload limit, upload it via FTP (filezilla) as it can upload things of any size! 😀

  11. Great guide but following the manual website migration section but my file upload limit is 500mb on hostgator… so sad

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