How to Upgrade your PHP Version using CPanel

How to Upgrade your PHP Version using CPanel

This Video is for people who manage their own website hosting.

Many website platforms, such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal, as well as many scratch-built websites, use and need the server-side scripting language PHP. Sometimes, they require a specific version of PHP. This video shows you how to change the version of PHP your site uses, using the CPanel interface.

If you don’t have your own website but would like to have one, leave a comment below.
If you’d like to build it and maintain it yourself, leave a comment below, because I’m currently thinking about putting up a series of tutorials on how to do this very thing.

I created this version specifically for some of my website clients who needed to know how to upgrade their PHP version, but I’m posting it here because it may be of use to others. If this doesn’t apply to you, then no problem. Just go on to the next video. 😄


Blue Yeti:
This is my choice for when I record screencast tutorials; it records the voice directly into the screen recording.

Techsmith Camtasia version 9.
This is my go-to software for recording screencast tutorials. It was very reasonably priced when I started using it – about 20 years ago? – but as of this writing it costs about $300 for the full package. Not cheap, but not horrible, either.
AUDIO EQUIPMENT used in other videos:
Zoom H1n digital recorder:
Rode Smartlav:
I now use this combination to get outstanding audio, which I then sync in post to the videos.

Sony AX700:
I use a camcorder instead of a DSLR because I often record live shows of more than an hour, and a DSLR has a 30-minute shoot limit.

Sony CX260:
This is a VERY LIGHTWEIGHT camera – less than 1 pound (my version is a 2011 model PJ260V) – that still shoots great HD video. This is the camera I carry when on vacation with my family because of how easy it is to keep in my hand all day long. It takes great stills as well as video.

GoPro Hero6 Black:
Super tiny portable, with HD and wide-angle lens. Great for those crazy-angle shots you can’t get any other way.

iPhone 8+ –
This has amazing video capabilities, especially when paired with the next item.

Zhiyun Smooth 4 Gimbal for iPhone:
The iPhone 8+ BARELY fits into this, but it provides no-screen-touch controls for zoom, focus, frame rate, and much more. If you have an iPhone NOT a plus model, it should work even better.

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  1. Your title is BOGUS. Please change it. You are talking about changing php on cpanel. That is what you are doing. Your title says upgrading your php which is not so. You are not upgrading you are only changeing the version thats supplied by your host. Big difference

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