How to Upload PHP Website On Server with Database

How to Upload PHP Website On Server with Database

How to Upload PHP Website On Server with Database

Guys, In this Tutorial We Will Learn How to Upload PHP Website On Server with Database. Guys, If you have PHP Project or Web Application Developed in PHP and MySQL Database and You want to upload it to the Online Server.

You need to Follow on My Instructions.

First of All, You need to Buy Domain Name & Web Hosting. If you have Domain Name and Web hosting, then you are able to follow on this video, other you need to know How to Buy Domain Name & Web Hosting.

If you already buy Domain Name & Web Hosting, then you need to follow on my video tutorial, I have mentioned easiest way to Upload PHP Website With On Server or Online Server.

OnlineITtuts Tutorials cover many topics such as Web Designing, Web Development, Programming, Database, WordPress, Blogging, Google AdSense, Digital Marketing and TipsNTicks. I was made many videos for different categories, and I will share another helpful tutorial for different topics.

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45 thoughts on “How to Upload PHP Website On Server with Database

  1. Hey, first of all Thank you for the tutorial 🙂 Easy and straight to the point! Second, when i enter my website link with my subdomain, it says "server IP address could not be found". Thank you in advance 🙂

  2. Thank you!!! i did all the steps but redirecting to another page after the signing in does not work,, Idk whats the problem:(, can you show me your php code please

  3. i have same localhost:3306 server but it is not working.
    Error message showing Unknown MySQL server 'localhost:3306'
    whats the solution?

  4. Please Tell me where to get link for my Database to open login screen?
    " " like this
    Please Please Please reply me

  5. Hey, thank you so so much. I was able to upload my first website with a database thanks to your help. All the best man! 🙂

  6. Thank you so much!!! The YouTube is filled with videos which show only local host, and this is exactly what I wanted to do on my website. THANK U SO MUCH! U r the best!

  7. Очень люблю хостинг-провайдера WELL-WEB, 2 года на нем, тех. поддержка как родная, отвечают быстро, во всем всегда помогут, даже если по мелочам к ним лезу – у них хватает терпения на мои глупости :)) Неограниченное кол-во IP, разные сетки, Удобные способы оплаты и кто сказал что для VPS нужен админ? Нет, они сами все сделают! У меня 37 сайтов на php с разными скиптами и плагинами на VPS Старт, а я в их оптимизации и администрировании полный нуль))Все отлично работает! Рекомендую WELL-WEB!

  8. Thank you for the tutorial! Question, will the file type always still show, eg 'index.php'. Are you able to get rid of the '.php' now?

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