36 thoughts on “How to upload your website on hostinger | Simple and easy steps | Free Hosting

  1. Very Helpful video by Kshitij Soni
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  3. can you make a video regarding why we do this thing in our file manager?
    and in Zip file is it empty or contain something?

  4. I want to host my Linux based website on RedServerHost they are providing me plan Rs.345 INR/ yearly. Hostinger provide services cheaper then RedServerHost?

  5. can you do a video on how to create business email with hosinger because mine it is showing unavailable when sending emails to it

  6. Hey, nice video.. Quick question, I already have a free wordpress account with a .wordpress domain and I wanted to know if I can install my existing wordpress on Hostinger with a custom domain? Thanks in advance

  7. hello sir,
    hope you are in good health,
    the public html directory got deleted accidentally , how to make zip file of website. i am stuck in this step unable to proceed further.

  8. This video is very helpful to me but i have one doubt that is can people see this website on google organic list because this is free website so is this website available and visible to everyone for query. Please reply me.

  9. Hi sir i need you are help i was seen this video actually i did install filezilla software…………..i did following some steps but that is not working still not appearing on google so, please help me about filezilla software…

  10. Cool video. Using Kimservers for free hosting website, been great so far. (you can google it and check the link at the top)

  11. hi sir , i have a problem with my website. it can appear on google, but only the interfaces of website, means that it did not work , is it because i did not hosting my website? if yes , and how do i need to hosting ?

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  13. Sir your video is great. Sir I am from a rural area and there is no source of learning here about web hosting and I am very interested in learning this. Sir following your video I have created my website on hostinger but now I don't know how to use database and link it to my website and how to use. Sir please make a video on using and linking database to site in hostinger as soon as possible . It will be a great help for me sir…

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