12 thoughts on “How To Use AWS And Sentora To Become Create Your Own Hosting Reseller Business

  1. Hi, I tried to install the same using all steps. It also went successful but when I try to open that address subdomain or ip. It says page time out or webpage not found.. can you please help?

  2. hi, thanks for the video. You are a very good teacher. Question: You didn't create a recordset in AWS Route 53, for the subdomain "panel.blahblah.net" which has Sentora installed on it. – is this something that we do need to do still – or maybe not? I already have an instance running with Sentora on a subdomain – and I believe I did have to use Route 53 to set up my subdomain. However, I did not use the Elastic IP. So wondering if that makes a difference. With your title reading how it does – what I need is every base covered – nothing skipped – cuz AWS is pretty complex and hard to learn everything all at once. Thanks – Sandi – you can contact me via my site www dot ladysword dot net

  3. IF I want to use AWS with Sentoraย only for E-Mail Hosting (Discarding GSuite, Zoho, WorkMail) which one should I use? EC2 or S3?

    Thank you very much for this video, it was exactly I was looking for, but in my case is only for emails. Nice video!

    Cheers! Greetings from Chile!

  4. Hi man. Great video, but I need help. How can I install sentora on an 16.04 Ubuntu server? I know official one is not available yet, but maybe u know some github source

  5. Love your tutorial! Could you make one for production server? I tried adding a secundary EBS and moving /home but eventually I had Permission Issues everywhere

    Again, Thanks for the video!

  6. hi, good tutorial but, cant get a Elastic IP with .tk domain, i have a public ip with a "*" in end of the ip, what mean that, thanks

  7. Perfect. Looked at zpanel said it was EOL (end of life) Saw sentora and was making a change from iron to cloud. Great job nice….

  8. This is exactly what I was wanting to do and you could not have made it any simpler. Worked first time! THANKS! Now, how about that video to put WP on those new client accounts? Your part-1 video stops suddenly about 4-minutes in, and no part two. I'll be checking back ๐Ÿ™‚

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