How to use Firebase on the server - #AskFirebase

How to use Firebase on the server – #AskFirebase

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0:46 – Since when does Firebase hosting supports http/2? #AskFirebase Read more:

1:46 – #AskFirebase Hey guys! Is there any way to link a transaction event with the products added to the cart in Firebase Analytics? Learn more:

2:26 – Is calling the database observe again and again good in server side? #AskFirebase Documentation link:

4:04 – Hey #AskFirebase what are the benefits of passing an activity to a success listener on a task that’s returned from a firebase api? Read more:

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31 thoughts on “How to use Firebase on the server – #AskFirebase

  1. i have made two application

    1. owner side caterer app

    2.customer side catering application

    3.i am using fire base to store data

    i am sorry but i am new to database stuff ,

    my question is how owner app and customer app will interact or share same database

    i want to when caterer upload new data it should be reflected in customer app also.

    should i learn something new except android and fire base.

    can someone please help me ..i am finding answer from weeks

  2. #askfirebase i wanted to ask can we use my web hosting server(custom) instead of Google firebase.

  3. #AskFirebase, Hello. How can I implement firebase push notification to send the notification once in a week, to all the user using the app?

  4. I want to create an Android app for my project. That is a college notice board app in which staffs are administrators who can post news, circular, events, etc. And students are users who can view this data.

    This is my idea. How do I implement this?

  5. #AskFirebase, Is there nobody from Firebase to provide a solution for the following as I have been requesting Jen for 15 days

    I have a database with pushed, name and base64 string, my requirement is

    1. whenever there is a write event at this node it should trigger an event to create an image and a thumbnail and upload both the files to firebase storage cloud.

    2. after creating the files it should get the download Urls

  6. this is my first post in youtube, if i post it in the wrong spot, please forgive me. i am trying to building a simpler version of social network app using firebase, i am stucking with the idea of sharing user's posts with only his friends , how to build that database is killing me. my question is simple, is firebase build for these kinda of interaction ? do i need to look for some other databse to achieve that ? i have been looking and googeing lots of places and there is no clear simple answer. thanks

  7. I have a server (Raspberry Pi3) and a client (Windows PC). These two computers running on ADLS with public IP's are able to transfer all kinds of information between the client and server using a program with a .net library. HOWEVER I now need the server (Raspberry Pi3) to be mobile on 4G network. Because 4G no longer has a public IP and instead uses a NAT (network address translator) I can no longer transfer information between the client and server over 4G. IS THERE AWAY TO USE FIREBASE TO BY PASS THE NAT ON 4G TO GET MY CLIENT AND SERVER CONNECTED WITH A .net library ? (Creating some kind of VPN without a public IP or port forwarding? Please note that unless you have actually done this you do not know the answer to this question.

  8. #AskFirebase
    Hi am able to send downstream messages to my Android App, from my App Server
    and also from the Firebase console. Now am trying to send upstream messages to
    my App Server. I have implemented FirebaseMessaging.send:
    on my Android App but when I send the message from the Android App, I don’t
    know how to setup/configure Firebase Server to receive this message and then
    send to my App Server.

  9. is there any videos or tutorials for facebook and google Auth on web app.. im really hanged here from last week . unable to get any videos for facebook and google auth on web but gets only for andriod and ios

  10. #AskFirebase Tried Many times but couldn't find out that How do i send message from Amazonsns to Firebase cloud messaging for pushnotification ???

  11. Hi david you awesome I love this project I was doing testings putting database designs that I have in mysql using the fire base database designing practice I can add complicates designs easily in minutes is awesome.

  12. Hey guys! Seeing how you might want to go hand in hand with angular 2, can we expect support for universal apps on firebase hosting anytime soon?

  13. #askfirebase hiii … how to generate increment counter safely for each node add using push

    name : joe
    counter : 1
    name : daniel
    counter : 2
    name : john
    counter : 3 // unique + increment counter

  14. #askfirebase dear firebase team, I was asked by developers that I worked with when I convinced them to use firebase over gcm. They said firebase is in early stage and they are not convinced to switch over from gcm. what are the other reasons we should choose firebase apart from db, storage, etc?

  15. #AskFirebase
    On the web platform, when successful creation of the new user account, this user will also be signed in to our application…
    How to add new user accounts whitout authenticate they?

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