How to use FTP Simple in Visual Studio Code - Connect, Edit, Upload

How to use FTP Simple in Visual Studio Code – Connect, Edit, Upload

Being able to connect to a web server and make changes without having to download files, open them with a code editor and then having to re-upload is a big time saver. This is exactly what FTP Simple does – it allows you to connect straight to your server (local or not) and make website changes without wasting too much time downloading and uploading files.

In this video will show you how to connect FTP in Visual Studio Code. This video is enough to get you started and use the core functionality of the FTP simple extinction in Visual Studio Code.

Plugin name: Ftp-Simple

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31 thoughts on “How to use FTP Simple in Visual Studio Code – Connect, Edit, Upload

  1. Sure its good for uploading files to server. But most of the times we need to download specific files or folders (not entire server files) from remote server and then make changes. The how exactly we can do this with ftp-simple editor? I use atom editor just because of the extension remote-ftp which provides remote file explorer on sidebar, where you can browse and download specific files just by right clicking. I don't see any ftp package of vscode provide that.

  2. Dude!! Finally after two hours this tutorial is exactly what I needed. I don't know why I was trying to use SSH like a moron. That is so difficult to set up with a hosting provider.

  3. Thanks Raddy for your work.
    Could you please explain me the steps to how can I fix the issue in my WordPress site with dev tools and pagespeed insights? They are used an program like visual studio code to modify the code.
    Please help me and show the way to get fast my website.
    Thanks in advanced.

  4. Hello, I just wanted to say thanks because I've tried a lot of extensions to achieve this goal without luck. This is the only one working for real and I've discovered it thanks to this video.

  5. How to prevent ftp from uploading certain files like PSD files. Or other non optimized files. Since they have high storage size.

  6. Great video.. I am having some problems. When I save a file, it could take seconds, or even minutes for it to refresh live on the web. Its very difficult to work with it, also, the live server in VS code wont work for me… do you know what the problem could be?

  7. once you connect to the sever, can you install and use node.js and say react or are you limited to using vanilla code? Im still trying to wrap my head around FTP. Thank you for the video!

  8. Hey bro you are really coooool… super coool:) that how IT man should look like… you deserve all my respect bro! definitely subscribe)

  9. I never saw FTP open, it said FTP Connecting… and then FTP Close!! after a second. Do you why? I was able to connect successfully in Dreamweaver but I really wanted to use VSCode.

  10. Awesome video. I have a question: is it possible to download immediately and automatically the altered file(s) to the localhost too or not?

  11. Is it possible to change the path where the files are saved? For example: C: Users New Alliance AppData Roaming Code User globalStorage … for D: Users New Alliance AppData Roaming Code User globalStorage …

  12. Mercie bien, thank you so much, this has helped me so much. I was using Geany before and I had to open up a ftp connection with that porigram and piggyback of that to open a ftp file in vs code. At long last I get it – great video – great instructions – great presentation – precise and to the point. :¬)

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