How to use Microsoft OneDrive

How to use Microsoft OneDrive

In this step-by-step tutorial video, learn how you can use Microsoft OneDrive to backup files, to access your files anywhere, and to share and collaborate with others. I walk through how to get OneDrive and how to use OneDrive across PC, web, and phone.

Resources called out in this video:
– Upgrade to Windows 10 for free –
– Download and install OneDrive (if you have Mac, Windows 7 or Windows 8) –

0:00 What is OneDrive and why use it
2:33 Get OneDrive on PC and Mac
3:35 Get OneDrive on iPhone or Android
4:39 How to use OneDrive on PC
6:28 Using OneDrive in Windows File Explorer
7:00 Status icons
8:28 Sharing folders and files
10:05 View files online
10:30 Version history
10:54 Keep file on cloud only or device and cloud
11:36 Access your files from anywhere via the web
12:34 Search with OneDrive
13:02 Create new Word, Excel, & PowerPoint files
13:25 Upload content
14:00 Sorting
14:18 File & folder visualization
14:30 Activity view
14:56 Actions on files & folders on the web
15:40 Personal vault
16:31 Recent view
16:45 Photos view
17:10 Shared files
17:20 Recycle bin
17:48 OneDrive Settings
19:29 Using OneDrive on iPhone & Android
20:20 Scan or take photo on OneDrive app
20:50 Edit PDFs on OneDrive app
22:17 OneDrive plans for more storage

20 thoughts on “How to use Microsoft OneDrive

  1. No mention of why you'd want to use Personal Vault – are the files in the other folders not secure? Do I or do I not control who can access my files?

  2. Kevin thank you for the video. Can you make simple video " back up your photo and files" by simple instruction. This video made for IT people, not ordinary people(little knowledge on computer) Too much information . i recommended your video for older people , but the result was negative. i did enjoy your video and i learn a lot from it. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge .

  3. Kevin hi, tks. it seems you really know how to work and use one drive, can you tell me how to stop numerous duplicated folders please. One drive said it had 256gb stored, when i deleted as many as 15 duplicates of files, I only had 171 gb stored. If one drive is going to add as many as 15 duplicates of folders, it is actually useless. What's the secret please. thank you

  4. Hello Kevin how do you under share a file or folder with someone if you change your mind how do you cancel the sharing

  5. I am having a problem, I have one drive installed but there is no little cloud icon on the bottom right of the toolbar. Also whenever I go into one drive itself and click on backup it just says: You don’t have any devices that are backing up settings to OneDrive. I realize it says device settings but I'm unable to get to anything resembling file backup. Ive looked just about everywhere in that app and cannot get to that settings menu that you have. I am on PC, I could also be special ed and it could be something super obvious idk. Thanks

  6. One Drive is so you can allow Microsoft to steal corporate secrets and personal information. If you put your stuff there you are a fool especially since you can get a solid state external drive that has tons of memory and will fit in your coat pocket.

  7. That was a nice intro!. I currently have a Onedrive which is pretty messed up. Can I & how do I completely get rid of it and start a new one?

  8. I commend you for being so clear and concise… Easy to follow until what you say I will find on my screen is not there which puts me behind and because you keep referring to a specific view or action… I never get to that point… most frustrating!!

  9. If I removed / deleted a cell phone number alias from my main Microsoft onedrive account after I tried using it as an alias for 2 Microsoft accounts could I re add it back too the main account or is it unusable forever

  10. Is there a way to search for files by a specific year and/or month? I'm looking for files from a few years ago, and it would be a huge help.

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