How to use XAMPP for a local WordPress website STEP BY STEP in 2020

How to use XAMPP for a local WordPress website STEP BY STEP in 2020

This video shows how to install XAMPP, the most popular PHP development environment on Windows, and then how to install WordPress to create a website for free.

You can use XAMPP to test themes and plugins, as well as ideas or projects that need a lot of modifications before they go live.

Otherwise, you need a domain name and hosting to use the platform from

Full WordPress website tutorial with Neve & Elementor:

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45 thoughts on “How to use XAMPP for a local WordPress website STEP BY STEP in 2020

  1. thank you very much ! this was great! your way of explaining things is very good and you have a delightful voice my friend!

  2. Please send the download link for WordPress and xampp for Windows 7 , 32 bit .

    I searched it but didn't find .


  3. After installation..Again I want to write the code in the WordPress to create a website.Then how can I open?please respond

  4. WOW! so great… the next thing you will show us will be how to move the already edited website from xampp localhost to the internet servers. Thank you

  5. what if I want to copy over all my plugins, pages. I use Elementor as my CMS. Can I transfer all that and us XAMPP to run it locally?

  6. For some reason the module failed but the manual installation worked! I thought use of modules were supposed to be simple and short?!

  7. Thanks for this video, very helpful. But how can you add other database? I want to make another one to present a dummy website to my client. Is that possible?Thank you!

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