HOW TO USE ZOOM - How to Host/Attend a Meeting [for Beginners]

HOW TO USE ZOOM – How to Host/Attend a Meeting [for Beginners]

Need to host or attend a conference and nervous that you might screw up? In this video, I show you everything you need to know about hosting or attending a meeting/class/conference/lecture/call online with Zoom. Zoom is a powerful and popular platform for online video meetings with great features such as sharing video, audio, screen/windows, document cameras, white boards, chats, and much more. There are several plans available, but to start, Zoom is completely free with a 4 person limit and 40 minute limit on meetings. You can choose a plan and host up to 1000 people in a single meeting, or broadcast a lecture to 10,000 and the streams can last up to ~24 hrs. I hope this video helps you to better understand how to use Zoom on your desktop or laptop (or mobile device). Thank you for watching!


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25 thoughts on “HOW TO USE ZOOM – How to Host/Attend a Meeting [for Beginners]

  1. Check out our website!
    Who is watching this because they are starting remote work/schooling this week?

  2. Is there a way to organize meetings as a participant? Speciffically, I have to attend reccurring meetings for my Uni every day in a week, but I do not want everytime to copy-paste Meeting Id and the fill in the passcode. Thank you

  3. Watched another video before this one just to compare and make sure I didn't miss anything. My partner used this for his family's virtual Thanksgiving get-together. We're gonna use it for my family's virtual Christmas get-together. I double checked and the free version allows up to 100 participants not just 4. Happy Zooming!

  4. Thank you, I have a zoom interview tomorrow and I had no idea how to use this. This makes more sense. Say a little prayer for me guys. I really want/need this job 🙏🏼❤️.

  5. So I have a question. I'm using zoom for my classes as well but i wanna host a meeting room only to talk with friends. If i have it downloaded on my pc does it affect anything? Because when i get into my classes i attend the meeting from my browser and not from an account. I hope it doesn't affected anything

  6. Ugh….need to go a little slower with the explanation. You’re clicking around like I already know where all the tabs are.

  7. Thank you so much for this. You made it seem very easy for someone that is new to Zoom to be able to set up a meeting to teach English. I appreciate you sharing.

  8. Guys DONT LOG IN WITH GOOGLE your school will be able to see who you text and all your social medias please don’t long in with google

  9. your moving way to fast and I can not see your curser. So when your pointing our features it's hard to actually see what you are pointing at. is there a way you can change the color of your curser so we know where your at?

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