WWOOF aka World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, is a really fantastic way to travel, meet new people and learn a little about farming in the process! Workaway, and HelpX are other programs that offer similar opportunities where guests volunteer their time in exchange for room and/or board. All are fantastic options for traveling the world while on a budget. Save money on the cost of sleeping accommodations and food while getting to socialize and learn, what’s not to like there?!

I have experience in a number of places including Canada, California, Hawaii. In addition I’ve researched farms in Thailand and Costa Rica and talked to many other WWOOFers about their time as a vagabond worker 😉

I encourage anyone to try it, no matter your age. If you are able-bodied and open minded, we can find something for you! Friends, food and fun, what’s not to like?

Firstly, a few things about how to navigate the website. Each area of the world has a different site and membership. You’ll buy a membership which typically lasts for one year. After making your profile (with good photos) you can start browsing farm profiles. You’re able to filter results with your preferences (ie. vegetarian/vegan, smoking/non-smoking etc.) and use key word searches. Most WWOOF sites will also have reviews from previous WWOOFers. You’ll havee access to the host’s contact info, sometimes this includes their address which you can google for their location. E-mail them with a little about yourself, your availability and any questions and you’re all set!

Before getting started a few things you should know: Not all farms are certified organic farms, some are just people with a backyard who need a hand. Also, not every exchange is for full room and board, some you have to pay additional or supplement your own food. Lastly, know that there are no consistent standards. All farms are maintained individually and things like safety and cleanliness are up to the discretion of the owner. Some farms will be paradise and others pigpens.
Ask yourself, what are my intentions? Keep in mind what you’re priorities are and it will help you in finding the right fit. Are you interested in learning, making friends, and/or travelling?

In researching farm profiles be sure to find out your length of stay/commitment; exact work hours & type; what food is provided; how many WWOOFers on the property at a time; what are your sleeping accommodations; what is transportation like around the area?
If their descriptions are a little light, you might want to contact them and ask: How much experience is required on your behalf; What is the kitchen type (ie. veg only); What do they grow & can you eat it; Their location relative to town?

As for general tips… Be sure to pack light, be a minimalist! Don’t forget to make all your arrangements (ie. how will you get from the airport to the farm?). If you feel uncomfortable about committing to such an unknown, try and get a farm on recommendation, read reviews from past WWOOFers, ask to Skype your host beforehand. Always keep in mind that, if you don’t know something (like which plant is a weed or where to put your tool), just ask! Take advantage of your hosts as a resource for learning the inside scoop on the area. Be ready to work – take it seriously. Often this is people’s homes, plus, you’ll get more out of it! Arrange in advance. I started preparing 6 months prior. Farms have to plan their sessions and so there might be a wait list. Know your options – if after giving it a chance, if it’s not going well for either or both parties, you can leave. I’d say be respectful as much as you can, try and have a conversation about it and provide some constructive feedback. You can also review them fairly on the site. Acknowledge any of your participation in this as well. Lastly, stay open! It’s going to be a lot of new, but give it a chance =)

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  1. Damn i just looked this up because I saw it on a show I was watching, but I am definitely down to quit my career to be a farmer with you 😎.

  2. hey! i just found out about wwoof yesterday. i've always wanted to travel and this seems like such a great opportunity thanks so much for sharing. i'm only 17 but when i am finished with my studies i just want to get out and explore the world as freely as possible and in my own time. x x x x

  3. Hello, I can also offer experiences for those who want, I am waiting for you in Romania for fun, work, food, trips to villages, unique experiences!

  4. When this pandemic is over I want to start my nomadic lifestyle with this. I do not like America and want out. I'm 24. Thanks for the tips it helped alot

  5. Me and my girlfriend are planning on going im pretty nervous about it but this video was very helpful thank you

  6. Totally avoid Kimberley Ontario, it is flat out exploitation as you just briefly work on a farm and then mostly work in a General Store. It is a complete red flag.

  7. This is so helpful. I would like to ask one question. How about the travel visa? I am planning to go to USA WWOOF after the pandemic. Can I say I am gonna WWOOF during the interview ? I can get a travel visa with WWOOF accommodation address?

  8. hi im from india i just want to know if someone dose not t speak very well in English but he understand about it so that is fine about the person to join the wwoof group and they are paying for it .

  9. Great advice, Communication of your desires of where you want your energy to go to is crucial for good relationships, when communication isn't clear it often turns into relationshits. I have not yet registered as a host for WorkAway or WWOOF….if you're looking for a truly unique experience I have room for 2-3 people or more at a time to come and create and learn about the natural path of man/wombman or whoaman, or however you describe the mate to man. We experience the methods to repair the eroded landscapes of the desert toward food forest abundance for everyone everywhere. When we are not working the land, we work our minds and bodies in other ways too… Get Your Zen at HawksHaven an Apocalyptic Ashram focused on creating sustainability and abundance. A model of transformation for the landscape and the individual where Yoga blends with permaculture, promoting health, abundance and sustainability. Equality and what it is to be free are some of the lessons learned here… you will understand within even 1 week of donating your time working with a monk, the life lessons we learn from the earthworm. Be careful what you wish for as HawksHaven has a way of making dreams come true. Stalk my channel and see if it's something that is fitting for you…Last week I was wishing for some help….a few days later Adam and Eve showed up….no shit..their real names….then days after that 7 Mormon missionaries show up to help build raised bed gardens out of rock….so here I am now saying that I have room for people who truly want to learn how nature works and how we can work with it. Learn to become Heavily Meditated. No tolerance for street drugs, hate, or psychopaths. remember we must be clear in our wishes. Message me with an introduction if you are interested. Namaste

  10. Olá🇧🇷, meu nome é Anthony. Eu trabalho na C & B representações, no estado de Sergipe. A empresa atua com a liberação de crédito para a compra de bens e a realização de serviços (isso inclui a contratação de pacotes de viagem).

    Para mais informações: (79) 988530218

  11. This video is so helpful!!! Thank you so much !! I'm 18 in my senior year and I'm really considering. For a full year is that a option ?

  12. I'm in my quarterlife crisis right now and I get really anxious about my future (where I'll live and career mostly). I'm struggling through my master degree, getting it done to have at least one diploma that has some value in my field.
    After watching your video and some others on the wwoofing topic, I really want to give it a try in like 1.5y after I graduate. I did an exchabge year in Japan so going back there for 6mth st least would be awesome, aswell as wwoofing in Australia for 6mth at least. Thanks a lot for your input!! ❤️

  13. Thank you for all the valuable information! I’m about to graduate high school with a lot of experience on an apple orchard. I live in Wisconsin and my friend and I would love to work on a farm in New Zealand for around a year. Housing is a must and we would like some free time to explore as well. Would WWOOFing be worth looking into for us? Or what would you recommend? Thank you so much again.

  14. I wish you were my Woofing partner. your sexy mm, anyways. so can i work in a country for a month and go to another country? do they pay at all or is free? do you think i should save up a decent amount and then go? also im trying to go to almost every country to get laid.

  15. I’ve seen a lot of people who do this as thin people. I’m 20 5’6 and 210. I just saw about this wwoofing program and I think it would be a great app ya for me to travel and lose some weight. Do they judge people on their weight, would I even be allowed to do this?

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