IAAS, PAAS and SAAS in AWS | Lec 2 | How Cloud Works | Virtualization layers in AWS CLoud

IAAS, PAAS and SAAS in AWS | Lec 2 | How Cloud Works | Virtualization layers in AWS CLoud

This is second lecture of my AWS Series.in this lecture, i explained,Deployment models and Service models of cloud.

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45 thoughts on “IAAS, PAAS and SAAS in AWS | Lec 2 | How Cloud Works | Virtualization layers in AWS CLoud

  1. Dear Sir, Kindly GOURP it separately. Like for AWS SOLUTION ARCHITECT— PUT ALL YOUR LECTURE IN A SERIES WITH LATEST UPDATES. Videos are available but in scattered mode or manner. I hope I make my point clear. Kindly UPDATE as of 2020-21.

  2. Simple, clear and very knowledgeable. Just started my Cloud journey and fortunate to come across your videos. Thank you very much Bhupinder..God bless you.

  3. One of worse explanation. Really you need to work and learn before giving lacture… These are real feedback not to disappoint you

  4. Sir, Does AWS use Citrix hypervisor or some Openstack for its cloud formation? In short, just want to know Clouds base is Virtualization, so Virtulization here is due to Hypervisor or Openstack kind of tool. Please explain.

  5. As Per NIST paper they have given a very different approach to the SERVICE MODELS as compared to what you have explained.
    Reference- 'http://faculty.winthrop.edu/domanm/csci411/Handouts/NIST.pdf'

  6. Can you please give an example for IAAS , PAAS, SAAS from AwS ?
    like – EC2 is a IAAS ?
    Lambda is a PAAS?

  7. I never see that type awesome explanation. So I follow ur whole solution architect .thank u sir…hates up.

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