IBM is using Stellar XLM! World Wire interview with Jesse Lund

IBM is using Stellar XLM! World Wire interview with Jesse Lund

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➤ Jesse Lund, Head of Blockchain & Digital Currencies at IBM, joined us on the floor at IBM Think 2019 to discuss the roadmap for World Wire, which is a cross-border payment solution built on the Stellar network.
➤ In this interview, Lund explains how the XLM token will be used as part of World Wire and shares IBM vision for the network.
➤ He also left us with a juicy hint that central bank currencies, usable by everyday people, are coming soon, with a big announcement planned for Money 2020 Asia.

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Host: Fred Schebesta ➤ LinkedIn | Twitter

Producer & Writer: James Edwards ➤ LinkedIn | Twitter

Editor: Joel Rennie ➤ LinkedIn | Twitter

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26 thoughts on “IBM is using Stellar XLM! World Wire interview with Jesse Lund

  1. Learn more about Stellar XLM, compare exchanges, wallets & more

  2. Ok if xlm and ibm are so great then why did jesse Lund leave ibm?

  3. ‪XLM Stellar Lumens holds greater long term potential over XRP both in revenue model and in adoption, w/IBM backing and promoting the Lumens token on IBM’s WorldWire platform already in 4800 financial institutions worldwide. XLM is Sharia compliant unlike XRP‬. XLM is the Best Buy in Alt Coins

  4. What happened to the sound after 18:50? It loops the same clip over and over… cuts out the part where he speculates on $1M bitcoin price.

  5. This video is very motivating… shows how little people know and understand about bitcoin. Great interview, thanks!

  6. One thing YOU MUST think about is that Jeb Mccaleb Owns XRP. Im sure he would love to see the price go up so he can cash on it when they allow him to start withdrawing his tokens again. However Jed owns 76% of XLM. That is way too much for one person alone to hold for the cryptocurrency to be considered decentralized at all. He needs to give away to Institutions of no interest to him who want to use XLM so there is leverage between balance. He needs to drop to 20%. I won't be counting on XLM to go to over $1 usd anytime soon (3 years).

  7. Ripple also uses multiple digital assets etc. His pitch is Brad's pitch too. They are no different they just copying Ripple.

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