inMotion Hosting Review: Why you should consider them

inMotion Hosting Review: Why you should consider them

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Our complete Inmotion Hosting Review:

Friendly Customer Service Support:

In my opinion, InMotion hosting has the most friendly, skilled, professional, responsive and well-trained customer support representatives I ever know. InMotion claimed that they are a people-oriented company which I think is true because the hosting experience of their employees is definitely good. They can give solution to all kind of technical issues. Nevertheless, they have proved that their goal to provide better solutions to customers was achieved. They are always available 24/7 to resolve your technical problems.

Guaranteed uptime speed

As I have the chance to run InMotion Hosting to my sites, I was amazed with their uptime performance. Based on my personal evaluation about their uptime, everything is fantastic. They are consistent with their claims of having a 99.9% uptime.

What you pay is what you get

InMotion Hosting has numerous inexpensive hosting plans, but as what they say what you for is what you get; their price is a little bit pricy compare to the other hosting companies. Prices range from $4.89 (business launch plan) up to $230 for dedicated hosting plan.

Disadvantages of InMotion Hosting

It is not a surprise that they are called the best web hosting company. But, I believe some of their hosting plans are expensive that small business owners canโ€™t afford. Also, they do not have an unlimited domain since they only offer limited domain.

Conclusion for this InMotion Review:

InMotion may not be the perfect webhosting brand available in the market. But, I can assure you that the services and packages of InMotion Webhosting Company continue to improve. I can tell that they are one of the most reliable and fast web hosting providers.
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32 thoughts on “inMotion Hosting Review: Why you should consider them

  1. Not trustworthy, they do not want to return the money bad service
    dont lost your money in inmmotion hosting

  2. I never have written reviews but since this happened I have to do it. When I got in Inmotion hosting everything was good until I got pregnant and I wasn't able to continue to work since I got really sick, so I decided to close my 1 month and 4 days old account with Inmotion, and they didn't gave me the 90 days money back guarantee in a full refund (they deducted $26 out of it). I have an ssl certificate wiith them that cost me more than $100 and they won't give me 1 cent back because I'm 4 days late to ask for it because of a hidden policy of 30 days return only. They said it's mine and they won't refunded (Oh really I want to cancel all my account with you and in every web hosting that I have because I won't work anymore in websites and they are telling me I can transfer it to another company. They don't even care about a pregnant woman who they are stressing out because I want my money back, they treated me so rude not caring even about the life of my baby and I, since I'm extremely sick and have to be on bed most of the time. They only care about money and money that it's not their money I paid for 1 year term I used 1 month they won't give me back the money of the time I didn't use. This people are thieves completely. Don't even have feelings for people and they don't want to help clients they want to rip off clients. For 4 days they coudn't make an exception since I didn't know about that stupid policy since they say it clear in their ads 90 days money back guarantee (when I read that I think is for all their services not for 1 thing only, because it is obvious if you ask for the money back is because you don't want to use their services so I want all that I used in it back. So they are liars and thieves. Btw, most of the people who make these kind of videos get a commission for it. Don't be mislead.


  4. Their service sucks! ย Emails are lost,, delayed and you get "Account Resource Overage" without any demand on the server other than IMAP. ย I would not recommend them-it is an upsell to use their more profitable dedicated server options.

  5. They provided amazing service to get hosting form them. thank you ย for this video, its really helpful.

  6. inMotion Hosting nice support SSDs and it freely. It is incredible to use the newest technologies that pay small prices. Launch plan of $ 4.89 is enough for a small Bisnes that can continue to develop in the future to upgrade to a larger plan again to support the newest technologies SSDs. Thanks guys for review.

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