Install Free SSL Certificate‎ | Shared Hosting | #LetsEncrypt #SSL #FreeSSL

Install Free SSL Certificate‎ | Shared Hosting | #LetsEncrypt #SSL #FreeSSL

A Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate on your shared web hosting server using the services from SSL For Free. SSL For Free allows you to install a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate without having to have root access and a VPS, but just a regular shared web hosting server.

Installing Let’s Encrypt SSL Using SSL For Free
Step 1: Head over to the SSL For Free website.
Step 2: In the enter your website to secure input box, type your website domain address (for example:
Step 3: SSL For Free will provide SSL certificates for and automatically.
Step 4: If you want to add another subdomain (for example:, click the Add / Edit Domains link, and you’ll be returned to the domain address input page.
Step 5: Add the subdomain you desire in the input box.

Verify your domain and/or subdomain by SSL For Free
Step 1: Access to your web hosting server cPanel. Click on the SSL/TLS icon (under “Security”).

Step 2: In the Install and Manage SSL for your site option at the bottom, click the Manage SSL Certificate link.

Step 3: Select your domain that’s been registered for SSL through SSL For Free.

Step 4: Copy and paste the certificate data that SSL For Free has generated to each input box (Certificate, Private Key, and CA Bundle data).

Step 5: At the bottom of this page, click Install Certificate. Click OK in the notification confirming your certificate was successfully installed on your web server.

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  1. Demo video looks awesomeness for Installing Free SSL Certificate on Shared Hosting.
    It helped me alots.

    Thank for sharing simple sweet video. 🙂

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