Install letsencrypt on godaddy. In under 5 mins

Install letsencrypt on godaddy. In under 5 mins

For those who use godaddy shared hosting and want to install letsencrypt, this is an easy process and only takes a few minutes. Please ensure you have the following below.

1. Your godaddy cpanel hosting login
2. Your godaddy FTP login
^ If you do not have any of these you can contact godaddy customer service at

FTP client like Filezilla
Download Link here:

Website to setup letsencrypt:

This may seem confusing but following each step makes it real easy. Any questions, please drop a comment below.

10 thoughts on “Install letsencrypt on godaddy. In under 5 mins

  1. This video is no longer valid. the website has now changed and you need to logo in. The whole process is different. Click on the weblink before watching this video.

  2. I am getting 404 not found after placing the files into webroot/.well-known/acme-challenge/
    It's weird because if I change the files to .txt format then add the .txt in the browser url, it can access the files. Otherwise without the extension I cannot access the files through browser url.

  3. You need to edit the .htaccess file to automatically redirect to https instead of having to type it in manually

  4. ZeroSSL is different than LetsEncrypt. According to GoDaddy is not on list of Web Hosting Providers with Let’s Encrypt Support

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