Install OpenProject In Docker

Install OpenProject In Docker

In this video we’ll look at installing a project management container called OpenProject.

OpenProject can be installed on-premises in Docker, having full control and 100% data ownership. You know where your data is stored and what happens to it, without external influence.

Your base for classic, agile or hybrid project management

Make your teams working lives simpler, more productive and more pleasant. OpenProject is the easiest way for teams to track their work – and get results. Everybody knows the goals and works with the team to get there. Easily organize your own tasks and assign tasks to one of your teammates. With OpenProject you have all tasks and communication in one place.

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15 thoughts on “Install OpenProject In Docker

  1. I've done this about three times in docker, but I can't get the email notifications to work within a work package. Can anyone help? I've tried everything on the community site also, there seems to be a lot of people with the issue also. I dare anyone to help me on this one and see if you can get it working!

  2. I try this stack on RPi4 8GB and end up with error: "standard_init_linux.go:219: exec user process caused: exec format error". I think that this image don`t support armf architecture. Did anyone else try the same approach?

  3. Dear Bruce!
    Do you heard about pwgen packet?
    For example command "pwgen -s 20 3" will generate for you three completely secret passwords with a lenght of 20 simbols.

  4. Hey man, you're the best. How can i install this on raspberry pi? Is an ARM version provided here?
    I tried and get the error:
    standard_init_linux.go:219: exec user process caused: exec format error

  5. Nice video!
    Maybe could you do one with LAMP or LNMP? To be honest I'm pretty new to Docker and stuff (got it today) and still got to learn a lot. And how to install several extensions like IonCube, etc.?.
    Tried googling but found nothing but commands and sometimes not even for docker. How do you convert the commands to a stack? Thanks a lot 🙂

  6. Pretty good work. Could you show us about Raspberry Tweaks?

    I tried to install zram on my RPi 4b 8GB, but I crash the OS, it was possible to recover easily, but it was scared. Thanks.

  7. This compose didn't work for me. Getting a user permissions error I think. I'm using a synology nas.

    —–> Starting the all-in-one OpenProject setup at /app/docker/prod/supervisord…,

    —–> Database cluster not found. Creating a new one in /var/openproject/pgdata…,

    The files belonging to this database system will be owned by user "postgres".,

    This user must also own the server process.,


    The database cluster will be initialized with locale "C.UTF-8".,

    The default text search configuration will be set to "english".,


    Data page checksums are disabled.,


    initdb: could not access directory "/var/openproject/pgdata": Permission denied,


  8. Tried putting it behind Nginx Proxy Manager and no worky. NPM, Portainer and OpenProjects are on the same host. I can get to OpenProjects by IP but when I try by name the browser eventually times out. I can hit it with curl from the host no problem. Any clues would be helpful.

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