12 thoughts on “Install Python Module on Shared Webhost Tutorial

  1. Not working for me. I keep getting: python setup.py –home=~

    /usr/lib64/python2.7/distutils/dist.py:267: UserWarning: Unknown distribution option: 'long_description_content_type'


    /usr/lib64/python2.7/distutils/dist.py:267: UserWarning: Unknown distribution option: 'project_urls'


    usage: setup.py [global_opts] cmd1 [cmd1_opts] [cmd2 [cmd2_opts] …]

    or: setup.py –help [cmd1 cmd2 …]

    or: setup.py –help-commands

    or: setup.py cmd –help

    error: option –home not recognized

    Any suggestions?

  2. What do you mean by, Append the Python path. You mentioned at the end. If we want to run Python Script, append the path. ty.

  3. Thanks. And for anyone trying to use this in conjunction with a cron job on a hosted server, you have to include the python path in the command you give to the cronjob, as shown here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/23136675/crontab-missing-python-module/23136849#23136849

  4. Can't thank you enough for solving my problem. Been browsing the internet and couldn't find any solution, but your video did the trick. I almost gave up and accepted the fact I can't do much with my shared webhost. Now, I have more freedom and enjoy programming with python. Many many thanks! 🙂

  5. spoiler alert!

    export PYTHONPATH=$PYTHONPATH:/lib/python
    export PYTHONPATH=$PYTHONPATH:$HOME/lib/python
    python setup.py –home=~

  6. The 'python setup.py –home=~' doesn't appear to work in my version of python 2.6.6. I needed to use 'python setup.py install –home=~' instead.
    Hope that helps

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