1. Site visited at 15:42 no longer exists, you can download AAct Network from here:

  2. i noted that the ssd performance is not as nearly as good compred to the linux "native" images. Is that normal or am i doing something wrong? Copying files never pass the 500mbps barrier, and speedtest gives me 300-350mbps.. in your video you easily pass the 700mbps

  3. Hi, I need to create a raid 0 on a dedicated hetzner server and then install windows server.

    I could configure RAID 0 if I buy a dedicated one that has hardware:

    RAID Controller 4-Port SATA PCI-E – LSI MegaRAID SAS 9260-4i


  4. Best Video ever…. nice music, well guided installation and overall an internet speed test with windows server activation. Thank you dude. You saved my money and time to test HETZNER cloud servers. i suggest to do a Cinebench R15 test to understand the power of the cpu cores.

  5. hetzner scam, disable my account not reason. I register account (23.8) and deposit money, order vps. My account is disabled after 3 days (26.8)

  6. Bro How To Fix That Please Change Your Password before First Time Login After Entering password during connecting to RDP

  7. Thank you so much for the video! reallly appreciated, i just have a questio, i need vps for youtube streaming 24h/24h , Hetzener with 16GB RAM is Good? thanks you!

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