Install Wordpress on Linux Web Server?

Install WordPress on Linux Web Server?

Video demonstrates “how to install your first WordPress site on your Linux web server?”. Follow the steps and you will be able to install and configure your first opensource application WordPress website in just few minutes. Video described the process of installing a wordpress website using Cpanel web server that is your linux web hosting server.

4 thoughts on “Install WordPress on Linux Web Server?

  1. Thank you so much Wasim! I followed your instructions and made a subdomain for initial setup and testing. In 2018, the cpanel has improved to have more subdomain ease, but otherwise it is all spot on!

  2. hi wasim i have seen video its informative for the beginers like me but ihave some queries on creating data base do you help me?

  3. Really helpful! I have looked at so much documentation to help get me started and this helped me the most!! Thank you!!!!!

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