37 thoughts on “Install WordPress on Windows Server with IIS in less than 10 minutes

  1. I am trying to install the WordPress using WPI but it gives me an error saying "

    The specified password for user account 'root' is not valid, or failed to connect to the database server." Please help. Thank you

  2. Am I correct in believing that the prerequisites is phpMyAdmin, MySQL and Apache? Or can WordPress actually run on IIS itself? I always believed WordPress was never able to run to run on IIS.

  3. Thank you for this install guide, tried first Plesk since it was delivered with my 2019 server but that did not work at all. Yours works out of the box! Great! The only issue I have is that I need to configure an ftp user for the wordpress update. Thank's again!

  4. Doesn't work for server 2019. Be nice if people updated videos to apparently hard to find information. Anything related to websites wants databases, which then the passwords do not match nor did I get the chance to make them, but everything wants web matrix 3 which seems dead in the water from 2013 and even though windows server 2019 makes you think you will get it, it will fuck you like it did your girlfriend and give a 404 tough shit error.

  5. Do you have a video explaining how to config the DNS and nameservers so my domain name can be used and accessed outside of my network?

  6. It's an nicely explained and easy to understand and implement too.. 🙂
    Can you please explain/ add on how to remove the WordPress website on IIS.

  7. It's 2019 and WordPress via Web platform installer still installs MySql 5.1
    Please note that:

    MySQL 5.1 End Of Life. As of December 31, 2013, Oracle will no longer distribute updates for MySQL 5.1

  8. I have this installed on a individual VM so it can host the webserver alone without any disturbance, and the wordpress site works perfectly fine on that VM, but when I write the exact same URL on my other VM's (in the same domain) it just doesn't show up. As if something is blocking the access.
    Any idea of what might be blocking it?

  9. Excellent solutions, very clear and easy to follow. I do have a question: how do I access the database? and where are they located? Thanks in advance

  10. hi i've followed your instructions and the install seemed to work. when i try to run t in browser localhost/wordpress/wp-admin/install.php i dont have permission to access. I've also given full access to IIS_IUSRS in the root where wordpress is installed. any ideas what else is left?

  11. Can you configure it with a godaddy domain so its live on the internet, in that case i have a static business ip address, what DNS or settings do i configure the godaddy domain to bind with local website?

  12. Hi, are we able to migrate wordpress from xampp server to iis + MySQL Server? is it a possible thing to do? I'm having a problem to solve the "error establishing database connection". when i move my wordpress from xampp to iis . and btw everything is store locally. THank you for your help =)

  13. Thanks for the video. However, I have a question. I'm trying to access the website outside my local network. I've forwarded the port on my router but I have a little problem I can't solve…when I use my external IP address (example: it defaults to the default IIS page. I don't know how to fix this and I'm really scared because I don't want to break this website. any headsup will be highly appreciated. that you

  14. Thank you so much for this video. I’ve spent days and nights with my sever trying to get this done by watching many tutorials. Yours was exactly what I needed. Kudos! Happy to subscribe! Keep up to too work 🙂

  15. Thank you for the video. I did follow all the steps, and when I click on launch, it opens up on IE but sats page can't be found. Please help. Thank you

  16. Only Problem with platform installer is that it will install mysql 5.1 which is outdated and slow…. Not to mention you cant restore DB's from newer versions which everyone else is currently using. Ive run into issues and had to go threw a long upgrade process…. just something to be aware of.

  17. Thanks for an awesome video. Much appreciated. Not much out there that is this clear on Windows servers and WP.

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