Installing and Running Wordpress on a WD My Cloud NAS device

Installing and Running WordPress on a WD My Cloud NAS device

Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – In this video we will look at installing and running WordPress on a WD My Cloud device.

This post is sponsored by WD.

WordPress will be installable on a WD My Cloud Mirror, EX2, EX4, EX2100, EX4100, DL2100 and DL4100. I do not recommend using this for outside access but rather for an internal intranet or development box.

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22 thoughts on “Installing and Running WordPress on a WD My Cloud NAS device

  1. man I do have a question the plex not works for me the WordPress shows few error im not relate to it, question I simple one this device allows to have to ips and the same time? yor video do not show an error if everything works fine is ok, present error that is most important

  2. Is it ok to instal wordpress on the NAS if i already have files stored there? or should i clean the NAS to install wordpress?

  3. none of this tutorials matters for WP install to your WD dl2100 as of july 2019, the WP setup form is different.

  4. It would be great if you did a brief tutorial on how to access the website from the internet. i.e. to be able to give out an address for other to see it. And perhaps, a way to forward a domain name to the site as well. WordPress loads fine, I see it on my network, but can't access it from outside.

  5. hola soy de ecuador,, ya instale en el nas el programa, ya tengo creada la pagina, no se com hacer para subir la pagina a la web ya que me dicen que hay que configurar, y solamente puede entra a la pagina desdde mi casa.. no es publica.. me podria ayudar a configurar o como hacer para subirla a la web

  6. Where wordpress installed. I uninstalled wordpress but I think folder and database not deleted. How may I completely uninstall wordpress and reinstall fresh setup.

  7. Hi there! Can I make a website using WD my cloud as a webhost / storage of files? Just only for our home? Because I want to publish my website on our own home with the help of wd my cloud. Can you give me some tips in to this if ever my first question in not possible.

    Thanks for reply!

  8. I have a My Clod Mirror and the process you show not working for me. The config brings up a sample page and I do not have option to set up wordpress at all. I do not want to register at as WD support suggests, but I would like to use as a local host.
    Do you have a suggestion what would be the problem and how to fix it?

  9. by the way..more info…I have setup my website 192.168.x.11/wordpress/site1, 192.168.x.x/wordpress/site2..etc. and change the HOST table to 192.168.x.x to match, it work locally if I then put whcih i site I designed….but again not from external access with port forwarding…HELP

  10. Still not working to get my WordPress page to access from outside..I have forwarded port80 to the WD EX4 but all it show is the EX4 Aamin page but not the WordPress page…how can I direct that within WD EX4 to do that? any help will be really appreciated I have installed WordPress MU and have also set all DB tables to the correct URL but still it only go to the local port 80 Admin page from outside only…is there anything I can do to redirect port80 within EX4 to WordPress? I can always administer my WD from local IP address..Thanks

  11. very nice video, Is there PHP already installed on it if no how we can install php or application like XAMPP ? Thanks

  12. Lon Seidman did another great presentation which contributed to a decision between models. For example I was able to decide on a device from either the EX series or the DL series. Thank you Mr. Seidman.

  13. How can I make WordPress go live on internet since all I need is a simple page by accessible from outside world..(even though I know it might not be the most secure)

  14. Could you show us how to access the wordpress site located on the NAS server remotely? I tried to do that but I always got Forbidden error page. (I used to figure out the outside ip address but still, no luck).

  15. can you please make a tutorial on how to use the nas or any other nas as a small webhosting server that is connected with a domain and also accacable through the internet so everyone that visits the domain can see the website ?

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