23 thoughts on “Installing Flarum on Shared Hosting (CPanel) with no SSH!

  1. can i install Flarum on google cloud Hosting , i have static website , i dont think google hosting support php ? what do you think

  2. @TZCoder How do you upgrade to the new version (beta 9) with this setup?  I have been completely unsuccessful, currently on beta 8.

  3. I get this error while installing the forum:
    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in C:xampphtdocsandroidhivevendorflarumcoresrcExtensionExtensionManager.php on line 276

    Error booting Flarum: Too few arguments to function IlluminateSupportManager::createDriver(), 0 passed in C:xampphtdocsandroidhivevendorilluminatesupportManager.php on line 88 and exactly 1 expected

  4. Thank you for this awesome guide friend 🙂
    I will try all of these settings tomorrow and I'm sure, It will work.

    What do you think about Flarum? Does it consume high power of cpu?

  5. Can you mail me that flarum.zip file that you created and uploaded to cPanel file manager?
    This would be a bit helpful for me cuz I have no access to a PC at this time(I cannot use Xampp)
    My email: [email protected]

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