Installing Xdebug on macOS, Valet, & VSCode - with Derick Rethans

Installing Xdebug on macOS, Valet, & VSCode – with Derick Rethans

Follow along with my livestream as we install Xdebug on a Mac with Laravel Valet and connect it to VS Code.

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7 thoughts on “Installing Xdebug on macOS, Valet, & VSCode – with Derick Rethans

  1. Thanks to Johnny and Derick, this is a big honor for all of us to have this opportunity to learn from you two.
    This was a great experience.

  2. php location in my laptop is (I have installed mamp) /usr/bin/php
    and pecl location is /usr/local/bin/pecl
    how can I fix this problem?
    I have to delete mamp?
    please help me
    and another question
    I don't know what PECL do and I guess is something like mamp but setup in console,am I right?

  3. I was trying yesterday to enable xdebug in vscode, now its work.
    The way it work looks similar to Visual studio .net

  4. This video highlighted the main issue of why a lot of people don't use Xdebug. It is a pain to setup and very different based on editor or os, the maker itself is struggling to get setup and constantly saying things like 'i don't know how that works in your setup'. Referring people to just use an IDE is not the way something should be. When I use the debugger in javascript it just works everywhere. you open your favorite editor and type debugger(); that's it. That being said I do think everybody should use it, I use it all the time and is the only time-efficient solution for complex problems. There is a giant lack of a unified quick start. Having to re-add xdebug for each php version is also a big pain, it should have an xdebug config file and should support certain php versions not be a part of the php config and so tightly coupled.

  5. Matt damn… You speak so quickly, type, change windows and so on so quickly that I have serious problems understanding what you are doing there ;oD
    Sometimes you have to let other people speak and not interupt every time.

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