Installing yii with Softaculous in cPanel

Installing yii with Softaculous in cPanel

Using this quick tutorial, learn how to install yii, a framework for building complex applications, using the Softaculous tool in cPanel.

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One thought on “Installing yii with Softaculous in cPanel

  1. That seems pretty easy. Nice tutorial. However, is shared hosting really the best choice for Yii based apps. I have heard that it could have serious security and performance issues. Which is why I think vps is better than shared hosting. It is affordable and you get dedicated server, which means better security and performance. However, you need sysadmin skills to setup a vps. Otherwise, you can use Cloudways yii hosting platform to do that. It will automatically setup a server of your choice with OS, stack and PHP already installed on it. You will just have to install Yii through composer command.

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