Intermediate ASP.NET Core Tutorial - Online Shop Ep.23 - Stripe Payment Part 1

Intermediate ASP.NET Core Tutorial – Online Shop Ep.23 – Stripe Payment Part 1

In this episode I show you how to setup and accept online payments using a well know online payment service provider Stripe.

Stripe home page:

Stripe checkout form:

Stripe dotnet core quick start:

Stripe dotnet core examples:



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12 thoughts on “Intermediate ASP.NET Core Tutorial – Online Shop Ep.23 – Stripe Payment Part 1

  1. This page is for the legacy version of Checkout

    We released a new version of Checkout in April 2019 which redirects to a Stripe-hosted payments page and supports card payments, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

    You can use the Checkout Migration Guide to move from the legacy version of Checkout to the new version. If you'd like to embed your payments form on your site, we recommend using Stripe Elements―you can find an example of a modal payment form using Elements on GitHub.

    New Page : (latest)

  2. System.NullReferenceException: 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object.'

    Microsoft.Extensions.Configuration.IConfiguration.this[string].get returned null.
    public PaymentModel(IConfiguration config)


    PublicKey = config["Stripe:PublicKey"].ToString();


    public string PublicKey { get; } ı didn't got it PuplicKey where does its value take from!!!!

  3. Hello Anton. Your tutorials are really helpful for me. Thank you for your efforts. I watched your "ASP.NET Core – Authentication & Authorization Tutorial" and "ASP.NET Core Online Shop Tutorials". I am trying to make a web app, but I got stuck somewhere. I try to make a web app with front-end Angular and back-end Asp .Net Core with Identity and have some public and private APIs (do some engineering calculations) that are protected with IdentityServer and reachable with the stripe payment system. I try to understand the concept of how can I manage user permissions to reach premium APIs with stripe webhook and IdentityServer. If you make a demo about that I would be very thankful.

  4. Great video series ! I am wondering if you thought about making an update of the part with the Stripe integration for .net 3.1 though? And do you have in plan of making a serie with Paypal checkout integration? thanks again, it's great learning!

  5. Unfortunately, Stripe completely changed their Checkout mechanism.
    The Quickstart documentation seems to have disappeared, I cannot find the copied CSS and Javascript anymore.
    In order to continue the tutorial series I want to skip the Checkout. Any suggestions on the best way of doing that?

  6. Stripe have changed their API, now you don't have access to SourceToken property of CustomerCreateOptions, it has been renamed to Source instead:

    var customer = customers.Create(new CustomerCreateOptions
    Email = stripeEmail,
    Source = stripeToken

  7. ~9:50, we have
    var customer = customers.Create(new CustomerCreateOptions
    Email = stripeEmail,
    SourceToken = stripeToken

    seems CustomerCreateOptions object does not define SourceToken, thus the customer cannot be defined, I am getting on this, any information on this issue? did they change the definition?

  8. Is the stripe method is working in any country?
    for example, I can use this method in Egypt or any other country?

    What are the restrictions of this method (Stripe) ?

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