32 thoughts on “Intro and creating a virtual machine – Google Cloud Python Tutorials p.1

  1. i wanted to connect to the jupyter notebook but even after following the steps of creating a firewall, setting the external IP address and creating the instance, I am unable to connect to the jupyter notebook. showing me the error as the site cant be reached

  2. I would recommend Mobaxterm over putty in windows, it has folder explorer, you can save a bunch of severs and can upload files in it. (including to S3)

  3. Man thanks a lot for all of your videos!! I am learning a lot watching them!!! I am from russia, so it's kinda hard to get started with ml and ai here, your videos are madly helpfull!!! I think the format of 7-15 minute per video is the best way to learn some little piece of info or to solve some problem, and that is the best format (same to Andrew Ng online courses on coursera)

  4. Hi, I am stuck in the billing part for VM instances I have selected 2019 datacenter and Mumbai location, and Getting error " Windows VM instances are not included with the free trial. To use them, first enable billing on your account. You'll still be able to apply your free trial credits to eligible products and services." Can you please help me?

  5. Thanks for the video – would it be possible to show how you transfer files from your local computer to the google gloud virtual machine via Putty (PSCP). Thanks.

  6. tnx for the tuto it was great but l have a little problem here: the ssh key option doesn't show up for me

  7. i have 120K -180k visitors a month on Wp Blog. I deliver articles not much heavy Data. Which machine should i choose?

  8. Disconnexted: no supported authentication methods available (server sent: publickey)
    Wh3n i login as then enter then pop this error message
    Anyone have a solution for this?

  9. Your tutorial does not work. file htop not found, file python-pip not found. basically a waste of time. followed instructions to the letter exactly as shown. please review.

  10. thank you for your video. It is so cool!
    I have a problem that my PuTTy can not connect to VM. It said "server refuse out of key", no supported authentication available method, server sent publickey. I did try google it but still don't know why!

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