23 thoughts on “Intro to Google Cloud | For Student Developers

  1. How much it costs ??
    I would love to upload videos and use their api to consume it on my application
    I would love to hearing from you back

  2. Sir, can a non IT/ coding background person can become google cloud architect? like in data science non it can also become, please guide me…

  3. Sir I am the student of class 12thscience I need help for some basic clear information for learning cloud computing

  4. thanks for the video!! Am working on a mini project where in need to connect GRPC with bigquery. Is there a way to do?

  5. Hey, I tried signing up for credits but I am unable to put my school name there, seems like some bug. Please tell me any alternate way of signing up. I am really looking forward to get GCP associate certificate.

  6. Just a note to the devs, trying to actually select your academic university to sign up for the beta was near impossible. I had to write it elsewhere and try to copy paste it in.

  7. Thanks so much for the video. I am a student of Computer Science at the University. I am interested in learning this topic.

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