Introduction To Docker and Docker Containers

Introduction To Docker and Docker Containers

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What is Docker? Docker is a containerized virtual environment that makes it easy to develop, maintain, and deploy apps and services. Get a quick run down in under 10 minutes about Docker.

We’ll bring you through virtual machines, images, and containers

50 thoughts on “Introduction To Docker and Docker Containers

  1. All true for VMs but with esxi you don't have an os plus hypervisor, cause esxi is both there. From there up ignis like you show

  2. This "Introduction To Docker and Docker Containers" course is at EXACTLY the correct level. it sets up the context very well.

  3. "VMs are expensive"
    Yet we, as the developers, have to pay more for hosting Docker containers than just buying a VM.

  4. WoW, how tremendously you have explained it (without the chunky fat marketing jargon). I'm so impressed and subscribed.
    Oh, thank you.

  5. This is Great video and explained very well, Check out my article on the same, what is Docker-Containers? understand easily, on DevOps Article,

  6. Great video and very useful information, I had not realized how Docker containers worked until you explained.. Keep up the great work and you now have another subscriber ;o)

  7. nice….one more good tutorial about docker by "learn with RPN"

  8. Holy cow, the audio jump cuts are really distracting. Especially during the middle of a sentence. Just record the sentence over again.

  9. I just love that drawing style of yours and how you present the information, huge thanks, and peace!

  10. Thank you for the explanation. One question comes to mind though, are we sacrificing security and compartmentalization in order to gain efficiency? so lets say if someone hacks the container system will they have access to the main operating system?

  11. Nice Video and Very good content.
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  12. Great video. What if one of the dependencies for an application that I want to place in a container is a Windows Service application that needs to be installed and started. Can that be done in a container? Or does a container only have assemblies or applications that are not running like a Windows Service?

  13. Thank you so much, I was trying to learn about Docker and your video, by far, it's the easiest to understand

  14. Your description @5:00 is incorrect, the Hypervisor sits on top of the infrastructure in all commercial implementations.

  15. 0:54 VMware
    1:30 VMs more efficient
    2:10 VMs expensive
    2:50 docker
    3:19 portable
    3:30 fast
    4:00 no hypervisor
    4:25 virtualization versus containerization
    6:05 docker deamon
    6:29 images
    7:12 benefits of containers
    7:39 works everywhere
    8:00 dependency management
    8:20 lightweight

  16. but if two docker images uses the same dependencies, they will not be shared but duplicated. So you are basically solving the problem by using up more memory.

  17. The video is somewhat misleading. Containers use the underlying OS resources and drivers, so Windows containers can run on Windows only, and Linux containers can run on Linux only.

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