Introduction to Hybrid Connections

Introduction to Hybrid Connections

Currently in Preview, Hybrid Connections is a feature of Microsoft Azure BizTalk Services which enables your Azure Website or Mobile Service to seamlessly connect to on-premises data & services with just a few simple gestures right from the Azure portal. It comes bundled with a free tier of Azure BizTalk Services, exclusively to make it easy for you to try this new hybrid connectivity.

Accommodating all frameworks supported by Websites (.NET, PHP, Java, Python, node.js) and Mobile Services (node.js, .NET), Hybrid Connections can communicate with both Microsoft & non-Microsoft LOB applications without requiring any changes to the network perimeter.

Most of the slides in this video were provided by Santosh Chandwani, Sr. Program Manager, Azure, Microsoft. For more information about Hybrid Connections, please check out these links: and

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